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Unique tips on promotional marketing and brand management topics that will help you promote and endorse your brand in an dffective way.

Pre-show strategies for successful tradeshow marketing

Pre-show strategies for successful tradeshow marketing

There are no shortcuts to a successful tradeshow. There are tried and tested formulae though, and the foremost among them is the one that says ’smart work fares better than hard work’. The trick is to keep ready a series of pre-tradeshow marketing strategies that determine how to channelize all the hard work! Some of them are listed below…

Aim for the sky, after defining how high it is Tradeshows are guaranteed traffic-pullers, agreed, but you should have practical expectations about what you hope to achieve through them. Are you introducing a new product in the near future and want your prospective buyers to be aware of the launch, or do you want to touch base with your existing clientele, or are you aiming to achieve a particular target of sales? Realistic aims can help you determine a pragmatic budget too.

The ripple effect Build up the anticipation among your target audience early. Send out press releases or mailers to your guests informing them about the tradeshow and their inter-personal discussions can get your tradeshow the mileage it needs. Don’t reveal too much or too little. The aim is to give a teaser to your target audience and build up their curiosity to such an extent that the thought of skipping your tradeshow will not even cross their mind.

Tradeshow tools While a press release can create a word-of-mouth buzz, come up with business ideas that will make the buzz a roar. promotional items can serve as good marketing tools both before and during the tradeshow. An innovative way to invite your guests can be using promotional calendars or planners, for example. Mark the date of your tradeshow in the relevant pages and your invite will not go unanswered.

Plan brand recall strategies in advance Besides techniques to facilitate brand recognition, your pre-show strategies should also include techniques that will ensure brand recall. One way of ensuring your clients remember your brand after the event, is to distribute tradeshow giveaways. Choose giveaway items that are relevant to your brand and have utility value, and make this choice well ahead of the planned tradeshow. Customized toys, candy, household items, tools are the common choices while selecting a giveaway because a) they are cost-effective b) they have a cuteness, creativity or utility quotient c) they are easy to customize.
Don’t have time to invest in the nitty-gritties or are unsure of how to go about it? Avail the services of a tradeshow vendor and your worries shall dissipate.
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