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Keep Your Brand on Their Minds with 2016 Custom Calendars

Calendars are here to stay! Even with the introduction of computers and wide usage of smart phones, nothing works like a physical calendar that can be seen upfront either on a desk, wall or refrigerator. No computer to be booted up, buttons to be fussed over, or anything to be typed – just a quick glance and plan! This is why people love receiving custom calendars and this is what makes them one of the top-selling giveaways even in 2016.

You can advertise your brand effortlessly 24/7 with personalized calendars. We have a large selection of calendars suited to all budgets and advertising/promotional needs. Choose from our hot-selling or Factory Direct Pricing collection of calendars and save dollars! There are calendars starting from as low as 42 cents!.

We have promo calendars for every event and promotion. There are cost-effective one like the Magnetic and Stick-Up Calendars which are great for the home and office. Or you could go for Wall Calendars, which are ideal as tradeshow giveaways and are mostly used for commercial industries.

There are 2016 business desk calendars which are great for use in the office or even at home. Now you can keep your company name in front of your customers all year through. If you have a more classy executive promotion in mind, help business executives and professionals plan out their week and month with Weekly/Monthly Planners.

Our business calendars are eye-catching, functional and popular as giveaways. Desk calendars take up little space and allow one to look up dates instantly. Magnetic calendars on the refrigerator door also allow easy look-up and help prop up memos too! Wall calendars allow a larger imprint of your logo and add variety with different images for every month.

Achieve better brand recall with these attractive promo calendars by ensuring that prospective and existing customers see your brand logo 365 days a year. Imprint your logo on these personalized calendars, sit back and let them do your advertising for you.

We offer a wide selection of 2016 calendars with themes like Inspirational, Patriotic, Norman Rockwell and Going Green to choose from. Choose calendars with stock header designs or just choose a basic standard shape.

These custom calendars will help you launch a cost-effective and successful promotional campaign. Give your business the coverage it deserves by ordering these exciting calendars today!

We are offering amazing discounts on Closeouts and Overstock. Check out our select range of free set-up as well as free artwork products and save dollars!

Stay on their minds 365 days a year with personalized calendars