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Great promotions start when the ordinary ones end! At times, there is a need for going beyond conventional giveaways such as pens, bags and mugs. That's when promotional household items step in! Featured on this page are promotional coasters, dusters, jars, bottle openers, lighters, sewing kits and many other interesting items! Browse through them and choose a product that meets your budgetary and branding requirements! These giveaways offer high utility value for household use. They are great to own and will last a long time. Most of these products are compact but still pack a solid marketing punch! All you need to do is to share the logo and message you wish to feature on the product of your choice. We will take care of the rest! Get in touch with us after selecting a product. Or let us know if you need our help choosing the right product. We are known for the branding insights we provide for each customer.

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Bic® Lighter

As low as $1.20

Baby Bib

As low as $2.79

Portion Plate

As low as $1.59

Jar Opener

As low as $.45

4" Bag Clips

As low as $.60

Cyclone Fan

As low as $1.14

Munch-It Clip

As low as $1.20

Sewing Kit

As low as $.64

4" Bag Clip

As low as $.50

Bamboo Coaster

As low as $1.13

Poly Fan

As low as $.56

Campfire Light

As low as $3.67