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Magnetic Paperclip Holder

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Paper clips are indispensable accessories for any office. They will serve as ideal marketing tools to advertise your brand. Promo Direct offers highly useful office items like the magnetic paperclip holder to help your brand get noticed in offices. Products like promotional paper clips will be used for a long time and continue your advertising long after the promotion is over. Promo Direct has a wide collection of attractive clips. These practical yet inexpensive items are great for use at offices, homes and schools. Our clips are available in diverse colors and sizes and offer amazing imprint area. There is no way your logo will go unnoticed wherever these clips are used! The clips featured on this page have been popular with buyers for some years now. You can distribute them at offices, trade shows and promotional events to gain quality visual appeal. So, simply get in touch with us and our team will help you run a successful marketing campaign. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Magna Clip

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Ultra Clip

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Klip Notes

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