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Popular USA Tradeshows In May 2017

Date Published: April 19, 2017


Participating in a trade show helps to maximize brand exposure and gain more business. However, with hordes of companies vying for attention, it can become difficult to draw attention of the target audience to your booth.

Distributing trade show giveaways will help attract visitors to your booth and ensure they remember your brand long after the event is over.

Check out this infographic below and consider exhibiting at a trade show to expand your business and reach a new audience!

Call me Promo Direct Call me Promo Direct Licensing Expo 2017 ICFF 2017 INTERNATIONAL QUILT MARKET Call Now 2017 NAPE Summit CLFP Food Processing Expo 2017 IoT Evolution Expo RECon 2017 NRA Show 2017 American Food Fair 2017 Promo Direct Twitter Promo Direct Facebook Business & Marketing Blog Promo Direct Tradeshows in USA National Hardware Show 3rd Annual Invest In Women LIGHTFAIR International HD Expo 2017

List of Popular Trade Shows

1. HD Expo 2017
Event Dates May 3-5, 2017
Location Las Vegas
Attendees 10,000
2. LIGHTFAIR International
Event Dates May 7 - 11, 2017
Location Philadelphia
Attendees 25,000
3. 3rd Annual Invest In Women
Event Dates May 9-10, 2017
Location Dallas
Attendees 40,000
4. National Hardware Show
Event Dates May 9 - 11, 2017
Location Las Vegas
Attendees 27,000
Event Dates May 19-21, 2017
Location St. Louis
Attendees 50,000
6. American Food Fair 2017
Event Dates May 20-23, 2017
Location Chicago
Attendees 64,000
7. NRA Show 2017
Event Dates May 20-23, 2017
Location Chicago
Attendees 44,000
8. RECon 2017
Event Dates May 21-24, 2017
Location Las Vegas
Attendees 37,000
9. ICFF 2017
Event Dates May 21-24, 2017
Location New York
Attendees 35,000
10. Licensing Expo 2017
Event Dates May 23-25, 2017
Location Las Vegas
Attendees 16,200

About Author:

Gary Taylr is a marketing consultant and works with the creative team at Promo Direct to boost sales. He is a regular participant in discussions related to business and marketing. He loves exchanging ideas and connecting with like-minded people. Gary can be followed on Google+ and Twitter.

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