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Laser Engraved Pens

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Laser engraved pens are in high demand because they add a unique touch to any marketing campaign. A lot of our buyers appreciate the way laser imprints highlight a logo or message on pens. A laser imprint leaves behind classy text or images that will remain for a long time. How did laser engraved pens become popular? The concept of lasers was first introduced in 1957 and quickly caught the imagination of people around the world. The very thought of creating light by manipulating photons won the approval of the scientific community. Very soon, laser-based applications were used in a wide variety of domains – from weaponry and electronics to entertainment and much more! Promo Direct excels in providing buyers with exceptional laser engraved products. This range of pens ranks highly among them. Go through the pens featured here and you will notice that they all look classy and are capable of giving your brand a memorable marketing campaign.

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Camden S Pen

As low as $.86

Wharf Pen

As low as $.97

Amino Pen

As low as $1.04

Cabrio Pen

As low as $.64

Celeste Pen

As low as $1.42

Samster Pen

As low as $.86

Bratton Pen

As low as $1.42

Cambridge Pen

As low as $2.19

Hancock Pen

As low as $7.12