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Novelty Toys to enhance your brand impression

Choose from the newest additions of our toys and novelties and add a dash of fun to your marketing campaign. You will love the items on offer on this page while your customer or employees will love receiving them from you! Several business owners approach us requesting bulk toys for kids and this page is meant for them. These personalized kids toys are all low priced – the lowest priced item starts at $.24 while the highest priced item is only $5.82! This means you will have to allocate only a tiny percentage from the marketing budget to get hold of these giveaways. Check out Folding Flyer With Case, a product that will give recipients quality fun time at the office or home. Available in a variety of colors, these flyers come with a separate pouch. You could also check out the 4" Flying Coaster. The People Bank is another product you may want to use as a giveaway. This perfect is ideal for those in the finance, real estate and insurance sectors. These banks are cute-looking and available in 2 colors. You could also check out the 2 activity books available on this page – Buckle Up for Safety Coloring Book and Deal with Bullying Coloring Book. Kids will find these books informational and will love using them! So go ahead and order our bulk novelty toys and distribute them at schools, universities or offices.

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Rubik's® Cube

As low as $4.77

Logo Spinner

As low as $1.57

Spinner Pen

As low as $2.10

Safety Spin-It

As low as $1.67

Cow Bell

As low as $1.01

Color Bears

As low as $3.60

6" Cuddly Cow

As low as $5.05

6" Salty Shark

As low as $5.05

The Pull Light

As low as $4.28

Promo Popper

As low as $1.49