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LED promotional items are useful, exciting, and eye-catching! These are great for long-term marketing since customers are likely to use them for an extended period of time. We have a variety of novelties including high-quality glow sticks, light up pens, LED yo-yos, light up balls, and bracelets. These products are available in unique styles perfect to distribute at trade shows, retail stores, conferences, sporting events, and marathons. Customize these products to gain widespread exposure. Printed Reflective Safety lights and Safety Shoe lights are great for nighttime workers, traffic controllers, and cyclists. They come with aesthetically pleasing lights that also serve as emergency lighting during blackouts! Our 2” LED badges make great handouts at sporting events or concerts. Use Light Up Bottle Openers if you want to make a stylish statement at trade shows or conferences. Glow necklaces make amazing giveaways at parties, restaurants, and carnivals. Include any of these clever giveaways in your marketing campaign and make your brand a success!

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6" Glow Stick

As low as $.77

Finger Lights

As low as $.66

2" LED YoYo

As low as $1.40

The Pull Light

As low as $4.28

9" Glow Straw

As low as $.70