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Health-related products are great for your brand’s advertising purposes. Promo Direct's range of personalized pill boxes will help patients stay on top of their medication schedules. Count on them for valuable visibility for private practice, hospitals, clinics or hospice care. Don’t ignore the utility value offered by pill boxes! Promotional Pill boxes are highly useful products that will help recipients organize their meds, especially while travelling. Promo Direct offers Pill Boxes with contemporary designs and ones that come with keychains. Give them away and gain goodwill from everyone! Distribute our pill boxes at healthcare events and trade shows. Imprint them with a logo and message to remind users about your company. Get in touch with our team and we will personalize these pill boxes to your satisfaction. Our expertise in handling health-related items will ensure you have a memorable marketing campaign. We look forward to serving your advertising needs soon!

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7 Day Pillbox

As low as $.69

7-Day Pill Box

As low as $1.07

Oval Pill Box

As low as $.46

Uno Pill Box

As low as $.45