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Choose from our on sale auto, home and tools accessories!

A lot of our buyers go for our ON SALE auto, home and tools Accessories! These products offer high utility value and will be used by your recipients for long! At Promo Direct, we are proud that we offer a wide variety of giveaways for a lot of categories. This category is no exception. Make sure you choose a product that suits your branding needs. Call us at 800-748-6150 or send us an e-mail at info@promodirect.com if you have any queries. Be assured that we will do a good job of highlighting your brand to the world. All the best with your marketing campaign!

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Bic® Lighter

As low as $1.20

Salad To Go

As low as $2.07

Citrus Peeler

As low as $.62

Jens Keyholder

As low as $1.67

Auto Safety Kit

As low as $17.15

Portion Bowl

As low as $1.48