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Our On Sale Promotional outdoor & leisure products will never let you down!

Looking for great outdoor advertising products that offers superior return on investment? We strongly recommend these promotional outdoor & leisure products on sale with us. You could give these away during long weekends or important holidays. Recipients will then use these items whenever they are outdoors – whether it’s a camp, picnic or just some errand! The products featured here are colorful, compact and great to own. We are confident they will serve as marketing winners for your brand! When you place an order from our discounted outdoor & leisure products on sale, you are opting for products that are capable of endearing themselves to your recipients. Take the case of our sunglasses, for example. They start at amazingly low rates of $.80! We have a lot of orders for the sunglasses. And people keep coming back with more orders! Get in touch with us along with your logo and a branding message. Our team will work with you to ensure your order is personalized just like you want it. So go ahead and choose a product. Our team will do the rest!

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Rain Poncho

As low as $4.03

Captain's Chair

As low as $14.25

Pronto Poncho

As low as $.94

The Big Lounger

As low as $13.72

Posh Kit

As low as $3.46