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5 Wall Clocks As Giveaways With Amazing Visibility

5 Wall Clocks As Giveaways With Amazing Visibility

Date Published: November, 2019 

Wall Clocks As Giveaways With Amazing Visibility

A lot of businesses approach us for wall clocks as giveaways. And we’re happy to oblige them. Wall clocks are pretty big and offer amazing visibility. This is how wall clocks are used by our clientele:

 - They are placed at strategic locations in offices or stores
 - They are distributed among customers and employees  

One thing is for sure – our wall clocks are never discarded! They are quite attractive and offer high utility value. This ensures that they are put to use immediately at homes, helping business gain amazing quality that lasts years. 

A lot of houses have more than one wall clock. You can count on your customized wall clock being put to use. We assure you that it’s a marketing investment that brings amazing dividends.

Featured below are 5 wall clocks that we recommend for your next marketing campaign. They are big, offer impressive imprint area and inexpensive!

1. 12" Slim Wall Clock

Promotional Slim Wall Clock

Made of ABS plastic, this 12” wall clock features a metallic silver or black plastic frame. It features a slim width for convenient hanging. This clock comes with one AA battery and is packaged in a white gift box.

2. 10" Brushed Metal Wall Clock


This wall clock features a brushed metal case with a glass lens. Each clock is gift boxed and comes with a battery. It can serve as the ideal business gift.

3. 16" Giant Wall Clock


This giant wall clock is made of durable plastic. Featuring quartz analog movement, it is available in metallic silver or black plastic frame. An AA battery is included. The clock comes in a white gift box. The pricing include a free 4-color process imprint. Made of ABS plastic, this clock is strong enough to last years.

4. 12" Economy Wall Clock


Launch a memorable marketing campaign with this 12” clock. Featuring quartz analog movement, this clock has a huge 10” imprint area. Each clock comes individually boxed for easy distribution. Made of Polystyrene Plastic, this clock is the perfect business gift!

5. 10" Economy Wall Clock


This 10" wall clock features analog movement. The huge 8 1/2” imprint area will ensure that your brand never goes unnoticed wherever these clocks are used. Featuring a thin frame and available in multiple color choices, this clock comes in individual boxes and features a battery. 

We hope you found these products useful. You could get in touch with us for more giveaway ideas. We have products such as magnets, calendars and lots more to ensure your brand gets noticed at homes, offices and stores.

About Author:


Gary Taylr is a marketing consultant and works with the creative team to boost sales. He is a regular participant in discussions related to business and marketing. He loves exchanging ideas and connecting with like-minded people. Gary can be followed on Twitter.
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