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Top 10 Promotion Ideas For Your Brand!


When our first President George Washington released a series of commemorative buttons to celebrate his presidential win, little did he know that he was sowing the seeds for the promotional product industry in the United States. Today, it?s difficult to come across a person who hasn?t received or given away a promotional product. Whether it?s a pen, t-shirt or even an awareness bracelet, giveaways are here to stay for eternity!

As per reports by ASI Central, businesses, individuals and institutions spent a massive $19.4 billion on promotional products in 2012, up 5.2% from 2011. This goes to show how reliable and popular giveaways are in highlighting services, events or causes.
But giveaways succeed in promotion only if they are distributed at the right time and occasion. Featured below are 10 of the most popular ideas on when promotional products should be given away.

1. For the New Year: A 2011 survey conducted by PPAI Research revealed that calendars (under items that help schedule time) ranked second in the list of products people love to receive. Why not give away calendars, planners or watches that could help people plan their year ahead better?

  2. For Employee Appreciation: Employees are a special breed and need to be handled with care. Motivate and nurture them with frequent giveaways. You could give away pens, bags, t-shirts or even stress relievers!

3. For Tradeshows & Events: The next time you have an event lined up, make sure you pack your booth with useful giveaways that can be handed out to visitors. Go for pens, sanitizers or notepads.

4. For the Summer: Summer is easily the most awaited season of the year! It’s when people look to unwind and enjoy themselves in the sun. Why not have some summer giveaways included in your marketing strategy? Items like sunglasses, cooler bags, beach balls, caps and foldable chairs will be appreciated by your customers/employees. So the next time they have an outdoor trip, they can carry your branded message along as well.

5. For Halloween: Halloween is one occasion Americans are willing to spend money on, irrespective of how bad the economy is! Why not have a spooky marketing campaign for your business by investing in some cool giveaways featuring Jack-O-Lanterns?

6. For Thanksgiving Day and Christmas: These are two occasions that Americans associate with on a personal level. Why not make their holiday more special with some quality giveaways?

7. For the 4th of July: Independence Day is usually associated with fireworks, barbecues and parades. Why not add promotional products to the list? Add a touch of patriotism to your marketing campaign with giveaways to highlight your brand.

8. For Breast Cancer Awareness: Several businesses have already joined the fight against breast cancer. There are several pink-color themed items available that will help women identify with your cause. What?s more, you gain a lot of goodwill as well.

9. For Labor Day: Independence Day is usually associated with fireworks, barbecues and parades. Why not add promotional products to the list? Add a touch of patriotism to your marketing campaign with giveaways to highlight your brand.

10. For Back to School: Back to School campaigns are a rage with several businesses joining in each year with their giveaways. Whether its school bags or kits, it makes sense to have school kids use giveaways imprinted with your logo and message.

According to PPAI Research, 89% of consumers could recall the advertiser who gave them a promotional product in the last 24 months. That?s significantly better than any other advertising medium! How often do you remember a television or print ad seen the previous day? So if you are a business or individual looking for a memorable marketing campaign, choose any of the above ideas to kickstart a memorable marketing campaign. All the best for your marketing campaign!

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