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Promo Ideas

Unique tips on promotional marketing and brand management topics that will help you promote and endorse your brand in an dffective way.

Rise in your brand popularity with Promotional Products this fall

Rise in your brand popularity with Promotional Products this fall

September and its sunny days are on their way out and fall has punctually arrived. Now is the time to implement your seasonal brand marketing strategy that can ensure your clients have a cheery rather than a dreary autumn.
One of the best ways to catapult your brand’s image into your client’s sphere of consciousness is to gift them promotional items that they are likely to use immediately. Seasonal promotional products are apt for this as they are high in utility.

1. Drink away the gloom:
Remember all those days when cloudy days played spoilsport and confined you to your home and all it took to lift your spirits was a steaming mug of cocoa? Customized ceramic mugs are well-appreciated by customers who love to end their day sipping hot coffee and watching the rain come down. Corporate promotional products like soup and coffee mugs, thermos, and tumblers can make your brand a household name, simply because they become an integral part of your customer’s household activities.

2. Sizzle with cool apparel:
Home seems most cozy during autumn. But by gifting jerseys or jackets to your customers to shield them from the cold, you can goad them into taking a pleasant walk in the rain. Apparels like these tend to have a longer shelf life as they are stashed away after autumn recedes and hence are rarely overused. Your brand’s recall value therefore increases too.

3. Use thoughtfulness as your strategy:
Days get shorter and darker during fall and promotional flashlights prove to be a perfect corporate gift. Your customer will bless you every time he fumbles in the dark or is stuck in a sudden shower only to be bailed out by the flashlight or umbrella you had given him. Backpacks make ideal promotional gifts for the sulky teenager who is dreading going back to school after summer vacations have ended.

Introduce new ’autumn offers’ which may be anything from a discount to seasonal privileges like free home delivery to prevent your customers from stepping out in the rain. They will feel honored that their importance to you is not seasonal.

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