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Promotional Marketing Dos and Donts

Promotional marketing is all about motivating and persuading your customers to make positive decisions about the products and services you offer. Promotional marketing lets your customers learn more about your brand and eventually increases your brand visibility. We provide you with some ’do’s and don’ts’ to help you position and market your brand in the right way.

1. Figure out your target market
It is very important to decide your target market. Do your homework and figure out the kind of lifestyle your customer lives. A thorough research on the consumer lifestyle will help you focus on your niche market and promote your brand accordingly.
2. Focus on your benefits
Instead of highlighting the features of your products and services, emphasize on the kind of benefits your customer will obtain after buying your product. Customers are usually more interested in knowing what a particular brand can do to satisfy their needs. Create an image of a solution-provider, to attract them efficiently.
3. Stay updated
Keep studying the industry trends. Know what your competitors are doing. The best way to analyze your competition is to explore their websites and notice the kind of promotional activities they are following. You can also conduct a survey or facilitate an online feedback form to understand the public opinion in a better way.

1. Follow any one marketing strategy
It’s important to practice one plan at a time but do not get over-indulged in carrying out only one marketing strategy. Try out different ways of reaching your customers and figure out some influential methods for your brand.
2. Sell your features
Do not focus too much on your product features. All products have features and they do not necessarily get you sales. In fact, distributing well-customized promotional products that match your features can help you deliver your brand message faster than ever.
3. Overlook the power of offline marketing
promotional giveaways act as tools to market your brand in the offline space. Offline marketing has its own strengths as it gets you offline conversions. Focus on representing your brand at the radio talk shows, tradeshows, exhibitions and other such events to market your brand effectively.

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