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Helping You Choose Eco-friendly Giveaways

Helping You Choose Eco-friendly Giveaways


The last couple of decades have witnessed a significant shift towards eco-friendly endeavors. From offices and schools to clubs and churches, there is a conscious effort to adopt practices that are non-harmful to nature. A classic example of this effort is the paperless initiative seen in offices worldwide.

In such a scenario, it doesn’t come as a surprise that eco-friendly promotional products are becoming an active part of campaigns in the USA. If you own or represent a business, school or charity, it’s time you went eco-friendly as well. From mugs and pens to notepads, there are a lot of nature-friendly products you can choose! This article will lead you in the right direction.

What does choosing eco-friendly giveaways mean for your brand?

An eco-friendly giveaway will help your brand make a statement in support of the environment. It will also help you earn a lot of goodwill among recipients. The bottom line is that people appreciate companies with marketing campaigns that stand apart from the rest.

Are they expensive?

Many people stay away from eco-friendly products thinking they are priced too high. In reality, they are priced just like any other giveaway. They are inexpensive and have the potential to strike a chord with consumers.

At Promo Direct, we receive a lot of orders from buyers seeking eco-friendly giveaways. We have featured 10 of these products in the list below:

1. Eco Recycled Jotter with Pen
This product will make a great addition to offices. The cover and pages are made of 70% post-consumer recycled material. It comes with an eco pen as well. Other features include black tonal accents, black wire binding and elastic band closure.

2. Recycled Notebook with Recycled Paper Pen
This product features a cardboard cover that’s made of recycled paper. The 60 sheets of lined paper are great to jot down important notes. It comes with a pen that features a retractable mechanism. It’s a simple yet good-looking product.

3. Recycled Striped Tote Bag
This bag is a great giveaway for retail stores. It is made from recycled plastic material and features matte lamination. This product is water repellent and tear resistant as well. The 20” handles make these bags convenient to carry around.

4. Pocket Slider - Recycle, Reuse, Renew
You can use this product to show your support for Mother Nature. A perfect item for schools, kids will learn wonderful tips on water conservation, transportation alternatives and energy conservation.

5. 20 oz. Biodegradable Sports Bottle
Help customers and employees quench their thirst with this biodegradable bottle. A truly American product, this bottle features a push-pull lid and comes individually bagged.

6. 5" Recycled Jar Opener
Here’s a thoughtful and handy gift your customers will thank you for. This product is unique because it’s made from post consumer recycled tires. Perfect for homes and workshops, this product can be used to open stubborn jars and tighten garden hoses, among other things.

7. Post-it® Notes 3x4 25 Sheet
Any product from Post-it deserves a second look! Available in a variety of paper colors, this product comes with 25 adhesive sheets. Imagine Post-it notes with your logo pasted on your client’s wall and desk!

8. JoBee Recycled Newspaper Pencils
This pencil is made from 95% post-consumer, recycled newspaper and is great to write with! Its an ideal giveaway for schools.

9. 11 oz. The Village Mug
This ceramic mug is a great looker! Your recipients will love drinking their favorite beverages from these mugs.

10. 12 oz. Mood Stadium Cups
Imagine a cup that changes color – this biodegradable cup can serve as a fun giveaway! Your recipients will find these cups entertaining. Choose from the following color transformations: Yellow to Green, Frosted to Blue, Blue to Purple and Pink to Purple.

Like this list? Order online or give us a call at 800-748-6150 to launch a truly memorable marketing campaign.

About Author:

Gary Taylr is a marketing consultant and works with the creative team at Promo Direct to boost sales. He is a regular participant in discussions related to business and marketing. He loves exchanging ideas and connecting with like-minded people. Gary can be followed on Google+ and Twitter.

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