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Promo Ideas

Unique tips on promotional marketing and brand management topics that will help you promote and endorse your brand in an dffective way.

Give Promotional Products all year through

Give Promotional Products all year through

’Reach out’ are two of the strongest words in the business dictionary! Strongest because, for a brand to succeed, your target audience should be aware of it and communication alone can make this possible. An effective communication strategy is not confined to one particular type; it may be a combination of the following types, rather.

Depending on your budget and target group, you can make any, most or all of these part of your marketing strategies.

Everyone’s got e-mail: The word ’address’ doesn’t mean a street name or a room number anymore. The next thing that defines you after your name is your e-mail id. You can make and maintain contact with your potential and existing clients via promotional e-mails that inform them about you. Periodical press releases, info about new offers or season’s greetings can all reach your client within a second.

Man is a social media animal. Don’t have time for sending out individual mails to each client or are afraid that your mail may be sucked into the Spam folder, then put out a message on a social forum for all to see. Social networking sites are instant blackboards that are successful because of the ’NOW’ element. If you want to share an update with your clients ’right this minute’, all you have to do is post it on your Facebook and Twitter profile and it reaches all its destinations simultaneously.

Promotional items - bring the ’concrete’ into the ’abstract’ While e-mails or statues on social networks may inform your customer, what happens when they are off the internet? You can reach out to your clients and ensure the reach doesn’t fade by leaving a part of you with them, as a reminder. Inexpensive items like promotional pens, promotional stationery, calendars etc are timely yet timeless gifts that offer a high ’recall’ factor.

Word of mouth As against the above three options that involve you talking about yourself, make your clients talk about you through referrals. Your potential clients may become your permanent ones if they are convinced about it being genuine compliment instead of a marketing gimmick. You can bring your clients closer to you by giving them reinforcements like discounts or merchandise after every successful referral.

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