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Unique tips on promotional marketing and brand management topics that will help you promote and endorse your brand in an dffective way.

Coolers: Unique Giveaways That Can Drive Your Message Home

Coolers: Unique Giveaways That Can Drive Your Message Home

Way back in 1951, Richard Laramy of Joliet, Illinois invented the first ever cooler*. It was a simple, insulated ice box that helped keep food and drinks cool. The Coleman Company – renowned manufacturer of household products – was the first to commercially sell coolers. Sales picked up slowly but today, coolers are almost always brought along on picnics and outdoor trips.

If you are looking for something different to highlight your brand, you should go for custom coolers. As giveaways, coolers are refreshingly different from the products usually sent out like pens, notebooks, bags and stress relievers. They may be slightly more expensive but offer the following 2 benefits:

i. Size of imprint area: Excellent imprint area to shows off logos in style.

ii. Focus of attention: Coolers are usually centrally placed wherever they are used so that they can be easily accessed by everyone.

So what kind of coolers should you choose? Featured below are some of the varieties available to take your branding to a whole new level:

1. Cooler Bags: How about a product that is a cooler and backpack rolled into one? Let your recipients carry beverages around in style in cooler bags featuring your logo.

2. Can Coolers: Check out coolers that can be used to store a single can or multiple ones.

3. Lunch Coolers: A lunch cooler’s main job is to keep food fresh for hours so that they can be enjoyed at the office. You can buy them in bulk and distribute them among employees or customers. Your brand will get valuable attention when they bring in these products to office.

4. Cooler Chairs: Very useful as giveaways, cooler chairs will allow your recipients to relax whenever they wish to, wherever they are.

Check out the range of coolers offered at Promo Direct. You will love personalizing them for your brand.


About Author:

Gary Taylr is a marketing consultant and works with the creative team at Promo Direct to boost sales. He is a regular participant in discussions related to business and marketing. He loves exchanging ideas and connecting with like-minded people. Gary can be followed on Google+ and Twitter.

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