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Promo Ideas

Unique tips on promotional marketing and brand management topics that will help you promote and endorse your brand in an dffective way.

Celebrity Branding

Celebrity Branding

When marketers and business owners use celebrities to advertise and endorse their brand, it is called Celebrity Branding. Celebrity branding has been proven to be a successful method since the beginning of the television revolution. People get attracted to glamour easily and have a tendency to follow the trends set by the celebrities. Keeping this in mind, different brands use different celebrities to promote their business and increase their visibility in the market.

Every brand has a personality. Brand logos, slogans, colors, promotional giveaways and promotional campaigns depict the personality of the brand. If a personality, lifestyle or work-frame of a particular celebrity matches with that of the characteristic of the brand, then customers find it easy to develop an association with the brand just by responding to what celebrities are talking. Celebrity branding works because people relate to the celebrities and consider them as their roll models. Marketers use celebrities to address their customer’s fantasies. Their marketing message gets delivered faster than ever when there is a popular and reputed celebrity representing the brand.

A promotional products industry definitely benefits from the celebrity branding phenomenon as these known personalities help to make a promotion of the brand successful. For instance, sports products, apparels, shoes, sports accessories, energy drinks, etc are usually endorsed by the athletes and sports personalities while film celebrities and media icons tend to promote designer brands, luxury items, fragrances, cosmetics and other such sophisticated products. Most of the celebrity promotions succeed in spreading the buzz of the product due to customer attention they get. However, it is also true that negative publicity can ruin the impression of the brand especially when the celebrities get trapped into controversies and negative situations due to their actions or behavior.

Thus, business owners need to show caution while signing a contract with a celebrity or a known personality of the respective field. It is always safe to choose celebrities that have assuring personalities and can give a positive reputation to promotional product introduced by the company.

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