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Promo Ideas

Unique tips on promotional marketing and brand management topics that will help you promote and endorse your brand in an dffective way.

Making Children The Focus Of Your Promotional Campaigns

Making Children The Focus Of Your Promotional Campaigns

Most young children can recognize popular brand logos even if they haven’t learned to read. Let’s take the example of McDonald’s iconic “M” logo. Children can spot this logo from a mile away! They have the capability to quickly grasp visual elements that are frequently shown to them.

Do you have a local business? Do you wish to gain lifelong fans for your brand? We recommend you focus on targeting children in your area. Pamper them with exciting giveaways that can leave a quick impression on their young minds.
Once you win their trust, they will never forget you. As they grow up, they will remember your logo while passing by your office or when they seek services similar to yours.

Where should you distribute giveaways?

Schools, children’s hospitals and malls provide excellent opportunities to reach out to kids. Identify local schools in your area that are in close proximity to your office. Invest in some quality giveaways kids will find useful. The products should offer a good imprint area so that your logo and message get noticed easily.

When kids take your giveaways home, their parents get introduced to your brand as well. Finally, your brand gets the widespread visibility you always desired.

What kind of giveaways should you distribute?

We recommend products that can be put to good use by kids at their school or home. Go through the list of products below and order one or many of them to get your marketing campaign launched. You should distribute giveaways at regular intervals so that your brand isn’t forgotten too soon.

1.JoBee Translucent Deluxe School Kit
This kit can be a part of a Back to School campaign. Each kit features 2 White Jo-Bee Miser Round Pencils, 1 White Jo-Bee 6" Plastic Ruler, 1 White Jo-Bee Round Eraser and 1 White pencil sharpener. Your logo’s imprint will come on the case, ruler and pencils.

This product offers an excellent imprint area – your logo will get easily noticed on desks at schools and homes. You can choose from any of the following colors: Translucent Clear, Translucent Green, Translucent Purple, Translucent Red and Translucent Blue.

2.Plump Piggy Bank
Help kids develop the habit of saving early. The Plump Piggy Bank is a cute giveaway that offers a large imprint area to feature your logo. It is available in solid and transparent colors. Kids can secure coins and cash with ease in these banks. There is a bottom twist-lock plug to ensure easy access of money.

Available colors include Translucent Blue, Translucent Green and Clear.

3.Translucent Light Up Bouncing Ball
We bet most kids haven’t seen this bouncing ball before! It features red LED lights that are powered by batteries that can last a long time. These balls light up with every bounce! This product is ideal for kids above 12 years of age.

4.Plastic Yo-Yo
Yo-yos were a major hit several decades ago. They have returned as popular toys. Kids will find them entertaining. This particular yo-yo is available in cool colors – Clear, Green, Red, Orange and Blue.

5.Candy Roll

Here’s a product kids will love to taste. The Candy Roll comes with 11 individual candies in unique flavors. This product comes wrapped in foil. Your logo and message will be creatively depicted on this product.  

6.Coloring Book: No to Drugs

Teach kids the dangers of drug abuse early in life. This coloring book features 16 pages of wonderful pictures representing a storyline. It’s a fun way to teach kids the importance of avoiding drugs. The book features creative characters offering valuable life lessons.

7.Plush Mascots

Want a cute mascot to represent your brand? Look no further! Each Plush Mascot is represented by a cute animal wearing a t-shirt in the color of your choice! This mascot can be placed anywhere and will fit in bags and briefcases.

8.4-Piece Crayon Set

This crayon set is useful to enjoy some creative coloring. Each set contains 4 non-toxic crayons. The set features a convenient cardboard flap top box for easy access.

9.Giraffe Growth Chart

Here is a product kids can take home! Mothers can use these growth charts at home to record developments in their children. Your logo will be featured on the white area at the top. This product will make an ideal giveaway at hospitals and clinics.

10.Fun Dough

Clay is an all-time favorite with kids. Fun Dough allows kids to present their creative best. Each set comes with an assortment of 12 colors. Your logo will be imprinted on the product’s cap.  

11.School Supply Case

Here is a modern and sleek case to store pencils, pens, erasers, rulers and lots more! This sturdy case is available in a range of attractive colors. Choose an appropriate color to represent your brand.

12.Internet Safety and Me

We live in a world that is driven by the Internet. Here is a book that provides kids with valuable tips on using the Internet. It also teaches them how to steer clear of cyber bullies. This book features a great storyline with interesting characters to drive the message home.

13.Better Books - Mission Good Nutrition

This book offers valuable tips on nutrition. Kids will learn which foods are healthy and which are not. These books will be a true guide towards better health.

14.Cash Cube

Here is a sleek version of the piggy bank you saw earlier. Slide in coins from the money slot at the top. A twist plug at the bottom ensures that coins can be taken out with ease.

15.Fire Safety and Me

The importance of fire safety cannot be stressed enough. This guide provides kids with valuable tips on fire prevention and the steps to take to fight it. This 16-page book features a great storyline with memorable characters.

Like the products mentioned here? We recommend you launch a campaign aimed at kids as soon as you can! This will help you gain a faithful fan following in the long-term.

Do you also have an audience of grown-ups in mind to showcase your brand? We recommend you check out our range of personalized travel mugs. Get in touch with us for any questions you may have. We specialize in marketing solutions that will take our customers’ brands forward. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

About Author:

Jayden Samuelson is an online marketing expert and a regular contributor to Promo Direct. He likes reading articles on online marketing industry and has been a part of discussions on many boards and forums. Jayden Samuelson can be followed on Google+, Twitter and Facebook

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