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Exploring the Healthcare Giveaways Available With Promo Direct

Exploring the Healthcare Giveaways Available With Promo Direct

The healthcare industry involves people who work tirelessly for patients on a 24/7 basis. These include doctors, nurses and administrators. In the USA alone, almost every citizen seeks services from a healthcare intuition, whether it’s a hospital, clinic, hospice or rehabilitation center.

Here is a fact that’s not recognized by most people – there is a lot of competition in the healthcare industry, just like any other sector. For example, aggressive effort is put in to highlight a doctor’s services.

You will notice a lot of doctors handing out goodies to their patients. These goodies feature the doctor’s name and contact details. This helps the patient remember the doctor when he has to make an appointment the next time.

The giveaways featured here are given away not only by stakeholders in the healthcare industry but others as well. These giveaways are capable of adding a personal touch to marketing campaigns.

In this article, we will discuss the healthcare categories available at Promo Direct. We will feature 3 products from each category. This will help you make an informed buying decision for your next marketing campaign.

1.Hand Sanitizers & Lotions
Sanitizers are compact, feature a fresh smell and can fight germs any time of the day. We get a lot of orders for our range of sanitizers. They are popular with our clients in the hospitality sector. Restaurants often get their logos imprinted on our sanitizers to kick-start their marketing campaigns.

Since germs are present everywhere, these items will find favor with your customers and employees. What’s more, it associates your brand with a unique hygienic quality. At Promo Direct, you will find sanitizers in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors.

Recommended buys:
Howdy-Tizer, Sanitizer Wipes to Go and .68 oz. Credit Card Shaped Hand Sanitizer.

2.Bandage Dispensers & First Aid
Bandage dispensers and first aid kits are popular with our buyers targeting the educational sector. A lot of our buyers believe in the ability of these products to highlight the importance of safety at schools or the workplace.

These products can come handy in emergency situations at home or at the office.

Recommended buys:
Personal First Aid Kit, Nuvo Bandage Dispenser and Frosty Stripe First Aid Kit

3.Lip Balm & Sun Protection
Lips balms and sun protection items can be given away at offices, fundraisers and events to strike a chord with women. We offer lips balms in a variety of flavors.

These products are worth every dollar spent.

Recommended buys:
Flavored Lip Balm, Sunscreen Stick and Sunblock Pocket Pack.

4.Stress Balls & Stress Relievers
Probably the most popular healthcare item in this list, stress balls and relievers can do a wonderful job of fighting stress while promoting your brand at the same time.

Our stress relievers are available in the shape of doctors, soldiers, smileys, houses and lots more! These products will quickly bring a smile to your recipients’ faces. They will remember your brand every time they squeeze these products to keep stress away!

Recommended buys:
Cool Sun Stress Reliever, Doctor Stress Reliever and Mr. Smiley Squeeze Ball.

5.Educational Guides & Books
We have got some quality books to spread awareness about social causes. From fire safety and drug abuse to healthy diets, these books can be imprinted with your brand’s details.

Kids will love the activities featured in these books. They can color while easily following the central theme of these books.

Recommended buys:
Flash Teaches Fire Safety, Recycling Coloring Book and Pocket Slider - Risks of Smoking and Tobacco

6.Awareness Bracelets
Our awareness bracelets are the least expensive products on this list. They can be used to promote a cause during awareness campaigns. Make attendees wear these bracelets to campaigns as a sign of support for your brand.

Recommended buys:
3/8" Stretchy Headband, Silicone Wristband Screen Printed and Sound Activated Flashing Bracelet

7.Pill Boxes
Pill boxes will help patients follow their schedules with ease. A favorite giveaway of doctors, pillboxes serve as handy products to highlight a practice.

Recommended buys:
7 Day Pillbox, Oval Pill Box and Pill Holder Keychain

Help customers with their fitness goals and promote your brand at the same time with our range of pedometers. Recipients will remember your brand every time they use our pedometers to exercise.

All our pedometers feature handy digital displays to track the distance traveled during a walk or run.

Recommended buys:
Clearview Pedometer, Flip Clip Pedometer and Easy Read Large Screen Pedometer

9.Personal Care
Personal care products will help recipients groom themselves to look their best. We have a collection of personal care kits at the lowest prices. They are popular with our buyers.

Recommended buys:
Fever Finder Thermometer, Look Sharp Personal Manicure Kit and Deluxe His or Hers Personal Care Kit

A mirror is a handy accessory during outdoor trips, especially for women. Most mirrors offer a quality imprint area that can highlight your logo in style.

Recommended buys:
Dual Magnifying Folding Mirror, Desk Mirror and Ultra Thin Pocket Mirror

11.Oral Care
The importance of oral hygiene cannot be stressed enough. A lot of people ignore their teeth. This is your chance to remind them about the importance of proper oral hygiene while highlighting your brand at the same time.

Recommended buys:
Floss 2 Go, Travel Eez Toothbrush Holder and Antibacterial Toothbrush Holder

12. Fitness & Spa
Our fitness giveaways are marketing winners. They are capable items that can last for a long time, giving your brand quality visibility. From jump ropes and fitness journals to massagers and fitness kits, these products have the capability to highlight your brand in style.

Recommended buys:
Rite-Step Jump Rope, Star Massager and Everlast Fitness Ball

Did you like the selection of products featured here? Click the links to know more about these products. All of them are proven marketing winners and available at cost-efficient prices. We recommend you check out our range of custom sports bottles in case you want to look beyond healthcare giveaways.

Have any questions about launching a marketing campaign? Give us a call at 800-748-6150 or send an e-mail to

About Author:

Jayden Samuelson is an online marketing expert and a regular contributor to Promo Direct. He likes reading articles on online marketing industry and has been a part of discussions on many boards and forums. Jayden Samuelson can be followed on Google+, Twitter and Facebook

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