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Buying Giveaways Based On Color Preferences

Buying Giveaways Based On Color Preferences

There are 4 kinds of buyers shopping on our site:

• The first kind is willing to browse through a range of products till they find one best suited to their branding requirements.

• The second kind already has a product in mind when they visit our site.

• The third kind gets in touch with us for our input on how to market their brand. Our team then suggests a product based on their needs.

• The fourth kind searches for a product belonging to a specific color.

This article focuses on buyers who make their marketing decisions based on color preferences. What makes them do so? We explore 2 primary reasons below:

1: The company is already associated with a color: The first reason is obvious. A company already has a famous logo in a particular color. As a result, all marketing communication is released using the same color. For these businesses, it makes sense to buy giveaways in the same color. People will be better able to connect with their giveaways.

2: Buyers are aware of the impact each color has on the human mind: It’s no secret that a product with a bright color will quickly capture attention. The more attractive the color, the greater chances of recipients getting attached to the product! Have you ever browsed and ordered a product based solely on color? We recommend you try this route for your next marketing campaign. Visit this link to shop by color. We have organized some of our best products by color on this page. You will find the range offered exciting. The colors listed are all popular choices. They are: Yellow, Green, Orange, Pink, Blue, Green, Purple and Red.
Listed below is the impact these colors will have on your customers:

• Yellow: Yellow is a cheerful color that can bring a smile to your customer’s face. A yellow giveaway will get noticed wherever it is placed. It helps to enhance moods and will ensure recipients of your giveaways and think positive about your brand.

 • Purple: Purple is an elegant color that signifies modernism and innovation. This color can make even the most boring product look world-class!

 • Blue: Blue (especially the lighter versions) can have a calming effect on the viewer. It’s the color you should opt for to soothe the nerves of an angry client!

 • Green: Green symbolizes nature. When you give away green-colored products, you are portraying yourself as a company with down-to-earth values. Lighter versions of green can have a calming effect. Most eco-friendly products are green in color.

• Pink: Pink has a visual impact similar to that of yellow. The color is very user-friendly. Giveaways aimed at women are usually pink in color.

• Red: Red is a color of extremes. It can bring out a wide range of emotions (positive and negative) in a person. The color’s association with blood ensures that people react strongly to it. Go for red only if you are comfortable.

 • Orange: Orange is high in visual appeal. Cute and attractive, the color can deliver a positive message on behalf of your brand! Go through our colors listed above and the potential impact they can have on your brand. Finalize a color and place your order. You will have a fun time during the personalization process!

 Happy Shopping!

About Author:

Jayden Samuelson is an online marketing expert and a regular contributor to Promo Direct. He likes reading articles on online marketing industry and has been a part of discussions on many boards and forums. Jayden Samuelson can be followed on Google+, Twitter and Facebook

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