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Unique tips on promotional marketing and brand management topics that will help you promote and endorse your brand in an dffective way.

5 Tips On Developing A Direct Mail Campaign For Small Businesses

5 Tips On Developing A Direct Mail Campaign For Small Businesses

We live in an era of high technological advancement. Even in this digital age dominated by emails, people still look forward to receiving snail mails by post. And why not? Direct mails are a powerful tool to connect with your consumers. The reason why direct mails work so well is because it is targeted and can focus on small groups of people who are more likely to respond. It is also very easy to track the success of your campaign by counting the number of queries vs the number of mails sent.

Here are 5 Tips on developing a successful direct mail campaign for a small business:

1. Create a plan and set a budget:

As with any project, advance planning is a must for the success of your campaign. Detail your resources and predicted costs as closely as possible. Apply learnings from previous experiences in building a strong direct mail campaign.

2. Target your customers:

Research your target audience and use the information to build a targeted list of potential new leads. In most cases, specific targeting can be a bit expensive, but they are worth every penny as they give much better results and save money in the long run.

3. Send a powerful message:

Write a powerful and personal message. Be clear about your purpose of the mail. Keep it short and simple, nobody likes to read page after page of unimportant information. Proofread the content to avoid any errors.

4. Create Unique Designs for your mails:

Your mail design should evoke curiosity in the mind of your customer. Pay maximum attention to this aspect of the campaign. Using unique and personalized direct mail options can go a long way in adding value to your campaign. Make sure you choose the right quality direct mail promotional products to represent you.

5. Track Results:

Lastly, your campaign should include ways to track your success. Use tools and processes that will help you measure the ROI gained through your direct mail campaign.

About Author:

Jayden Samuelson is an online marketing expert and a regular contributor to Promo Direct. He likes reading articles on online marketing industry and has been a part of discussions on many boards and forums. Jayden Samuelson can be followed on Google+, Twitter and Facebook

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