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Unique tips on promotional marketing and brand management topics that will help you promote and endorse your brand in an dffective way.

5 Occasions in May To Associate Your Brand

5 Occasions in May To Associate Your Brand

Giveaways are sought by companies for a variety of reasons. Foremost among them is to highlight a new product or service. Giveaways are also used to show appreciation to customers and employees. A lot of businesses choose to highlight their brand on a special occasion or holiday. For example, we get lots of orders for giveaways that can highlight a brand on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas or the Fourth of July.
Associating giveaways with a particular day ensures recipients remember your brand better. In this article, we present 5 occasions to highlight your brand in May. We will also share historical anecdotes so that you are able to establish a connection with one of them before launching your next marketing campaign.

1.Loyalty Day (May 1)

You may not of heard of Loyalty Day before. Observed on May 1 every year, Loyalty Day allows Americans to reaffirm their allegiance to the United States. Parades are held every year in major cities across the United States to highlight the heritage of American freedom.

We recommend you launch a campaign associated with Loyalty Day to showcase your patriotic side to clients and employees.

The first Loyalty Day was observed in 1921 during a difficult period known as the First Red Scare. Loyalty Day was first known as ‘Americanization Day’.

The First Red Scare was a period of uncertainty brought about by collective fear of Bolshevism. The Russian Revolution’s goal of a worldwide communist society didn’t sit well with American citizens back then. The introduction of communism in the labor movement caused further heartburn in American society. Back then, Loyalty Day succeeded in generating a sense of patriotism in Americans while renewing their love for the nation.
President Dwight D. Eisenhower endorsed Loyalty Day in 1958 during the Second Red Scare.

Giveaway ideas: We recommend you try Flexible Key Tags (USA Flag). These key tags are made of soft material and feature a split ring to secure your recipient’s keys. Starting as low as 43 cents, this budget-friendly key tag features the American flag on its body. Each key tag is delivered to your doorstep individually polybagged for a classy marketing campaign.

We also recommend you go through our range of patriotic giveaways that include stress relievers, sweets, pencils, pens, handbooks and calendars.

2.Nurses Day (May 6)
Celebrated on May 6, National Nurses Day signals the beginning of National Nurses Week, which runs till May 12. Banquets, seminars and awareness drives are held on National Nurses Day to celebrate the contribution of nurses to American society. Nurses are a pampered lot on this day with many receiving gifts and flowers from family and friends.

You could launch a marketing campaign at the local hospital or clinic.

Origins: May 12 is the birthday of legendary nurse Florence Nightingale. Known the world over as the inspirational figure behind professional nursing, Nightingale was renowned for her selfless work during the Crimean War.

Giveaway ideas: We recommend giving away the Pill Nurse Stress Reliever. This immensely cute stress reliever will instantly bring a smile to your recipients’ faces. The Pill Nurse Stress Reliever is in the form of an ever-smiling nurse who will help fight stress!
We wish you the very best while launching your next marketing campaign in May. Check out our range of promotional gadgets if you seek trendier giveaways to highlight your brand. Get in touch with us for all your marketing queries. You can call us at 800-748-6150 or send an email to to get started.

3.Mother’s Day (May 8)

Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to recognize women associated with your company. This is the day when motherhood is celebrated by giving importance to the role played by mothers in American society.

Origins: Mother’s Day has a long and illustrious history. It was first observed in 1908 by Anna Jarvis as a memorial for her mother and other women who have experienced motherhood. Unfortunately, Anna’s mother Ann Jarvis died in 1905, the year the campaign to observe Mother’s Day began.
Ann was no ordinary woman. As a peace activist, she cared for hundreds of wounded soldiers during the Civil War. She also launched Mother’s Day Work Clubs to increase awareness about health-related issues.
In 1910, West Virginia became the first state to officially recognize Mother’s Day. In 1914, President Woodrow Wilson declared Mother’s Day as a national holiday to honor all American mothers.

Giveaway ideas: Pamper female employees with spa kits! We recommend the Premium Spa Kit. This kit features a polyester bag with a drawstring closure. Each kit contains a sisal sponge, a pumice stone, a wooden hairbrush and a flower sponge. The kits are available in 5 attractive colors. Your logo will look great on these kits!
You could also choose from our attractive range of totes, aprons and sanitizers to highlight your brand. Women will love receiving such thoughtful gifts from you!

4.Global Employee Health & Fitness Month 
Global Employee Health & Fitness Month is ideal for companies looking to highlight their brand over a prolonged marketing campaign. It will help increase employee productivity while boosting their fitness and stamina levels. Employees celebrating Global Employee Health & Fitness Month also benefit from reduced stress levels.
You could organize different promotional events during the month. Inviting a fitness specialist, launching fitness walks or promoting healthy eating habits at the office are some ideas to get started.

Origins: Formerly known as National Employee Health & Fitness Day, Global Employee Health & Fitness Month was launched by the National Association for Health & Fitness (NAHF). National Employee Health & Fitness Day was observed from 1989 to 2010. In 2011, NAHF decided to launch a month-long fitness awareness campaign for employees because they felt observing just one day wasn’t enough.
Thus, Global Employee Health & Fitness Month was born.

Giveaway ideas: We strongly recommend the Fitness First Pedometer as a giveaway to highlight your brand. It features a large LCD display that can track up to 99,999 steps! The huge clip ensures it attaches easily to a variety of surfaces. This product comes with a battery installed and features an auto shut-off and idle mode. Your customers and employees will keep themselves fit while remembering your brand often.
You could also check out our range of sanitizers and skipping ropes.

5.Memorial Day (May 30)

Memorial Day falls on May 30. It is a federal holiday that highlights the selfless service offered by soldiers who died while serving the country. Every year, thousands of Americans visit cemeteries and memorials to pay their respects to these martyrs.

Origins: Formerly known as Decoration Day, Memorial Day has its origins immediately after that American Civil War when it was decided to honor Union and Confederate soldiers who lost their lives during the war.
Memorial Day was later extended to honor all American soldiers who gave their lives for the country. Memorial Day also signals the beginning of summer vacations.

Giveaway ideas: Check out the Soldier Mad Cap Stress Reliever. It’s cute and made of squeezable polyurethane material. Featuring smiley faces, these stress relievers will help customers and employees fight their stress away!

About Author:

Jayden Samuelson is an online marketing expert and a regular contributor to Promo Direct. He likes reading articles on online marketing industry and has been a part of discussions on many boards and forums. Jayden Samuelson can be followed on Google+, Twitter and Facebook

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