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5 Giveaways For World Health Day

5 Giveaways For World Health Day

World Health Day falls on April 7th this year. Organized by the World Health Organization (WHO), this day is observed all around the world to highlight health-related issues. This year’s theme is “Food Safety”. WHO plans to focus on unhealthy eating habits this year.  Deaths from unhealthy food habits are growing at an alarming rate – approximately 2 million people annually around the world, mostly children.

Several hospitals and clinics have teamed up with WHO to observe this year’s World Health Day. You can spread awareness by distributing giveaways at schools, charity organizations or hospitals in your area. Here are 5 products to help you plan a memorable health-related marketing campaign:

1.Healthy Eating and Me
This book is packed with tips on healthy eating habits for children. Users can place a child’s picture in the back cover of the book. This picture, in turn, will become an integral part of the book’s storyline. Sounds interesting? Kids love this concept! They get to become stars of their very own storybooks!

2.Better Books - Fast Foods: Smart Eating Guide
This book is packed with interesting info! It features 36 color pages filled with insights on tracking calories. What is the right portion for meals? What kind of food and drinks should you avoid? These are some of the topics explored in detail.

3.Key Points - Fast Foods: Eating Right
This book helps you differentiate between healthy and unhealthy food items. Your recipients can go through these tips to lead a healthier lifestyle. They will be able to become more health conscious and control their weight at the same time.
This product has an 8-page format that can fold itself into the size of a credit card! It’s easy to be carried around in wallets.

4.LED Torch Key Light
How about using retractable keychains to highlight your brand? This product can secure keys and fight darkness at the same time. Featuring a push button mechanism, the LED Torch Key Light comes with batteries included. Each product is individually polybagged, giving it prominence as giveaways.

No health-related promotional campaign is complete without sanitizers! This FDA-approved hand-shaped bottle will help recipients fight germs and bacteria. It is compact enough to go in bags of all shapes and sizes. Kids will love this unique design!
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About Author:

Jayden Samuelson is an online marketing expert and a regular contributor to Promo Direct. He likes reading articles on online marketing industry and has been a part of discussions on many boards and forums. Jayden Samuelson can be followed on Google+, Twitter and Facebook

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