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Unique tips on promotional marketing and brand management topics that will help you promote and endorse your brand in an dffective way.

20 Dos and Don'ts To Make Your Tradeshow Event A Success

There is no doubt about the effectiveness of highlighting new products and services at trade shows. A tradeshow opens doors to multiple opportunities, giving businesses the chance to reach out to a widespread audience.
Are you planning to showcase your products at an upcoming tradeshow? This article will prepare you for the best and worst! All you have to do is carefully go through the Dos and Don’ts mentioned here!

List of Dos
1.Analyze the tradeshow’s credentials

•“What kind of reputation does the tradeshow possess? How old is it?”
•“Is it frequented by a lot of people? Will you be able to find a sizeable percentage of your target audience at this tradeshow?”
•“Is it strategically located?”
These are some of the questions you should ask yourself before attending a tradeshow. Be a part of the event only if you are convinced about its credentials!

2.Opt for a booth with a good location and easy accessibility
It’s important that your booth is located in a prime location where visitors can easily spot you. A booth such as this may cost you dearly but is definitely worth the money. You will get more visitor traffic while attracting greater attention to your brand.

3.Create objectives you wish to achieve at the tradeshow
What’s your goal for taking a booth at the tradeshow? Make sure you have everything down on paper. A well-planned strategy will help you gain more returns from the event.
If you go under-prepared, you will have no clue about what to expect at the tradeshow.

4.Distribute a handy giveaway
Ensure that people who visit your booth don’t return empty handed. You could choose a useful giveaway to ensure visitors remember you long after they reach home. Check out our range of custom drawstring bags – they are gifts people will love taking home.

5.Publicize your booth

Launch a spirited campaign to publicize your participation. Call active customers with invitations to grace your booth. Also, make sure you highlight the event well in advance on your social media pages. Announce contests as well to trigger public interest.

6.Focus on listening, not just talking

A tradeshow presents you with opportunities to interact with prospective customers. Make sure you give them a chance to present their thoughts. Don’t make the conversation too one-sided – you’ll end up losing the customer.

7.Focus on having a creatively designed booth

Get in touch with experts to have your booth organized and eye catching. Make sure your booth displays your products and offerings in the best way possible. Use a color scheme that matches your brand for maximum visual impact.

8.Employees working at your booth should wear similar uniforms
It is important that all booth employees wear the same uniform. This helps visitors identify and communicate with them better.

9.Distribute flyers

There is every chance a visitor may not understand what you are trying to convey. Have flyers ready for distribution so that they can go through your services conveniently.

10.Perform follow ups immediately after the tradeshow
This is the most important step of all. It is crucial that you get in touch with newly made contacts as soon as possible. This will ensure that you get preference over other competitors who may have interacted with the visitor at the tradeshow.
List of Don’ts

11.Ignoring the visitor
At several booths, you will notice booth owners chatting away or fidgeting with their smartphones without attending to the visitor. This is a big no-no! Make sure you pay quality attention to all visitors to your booth.

12.Not jotting down the contact details of prospective customers
Had an interesting chat with a visitor? Make sure you have a pen and paper to jot down his number. Keep these notes safe and call them a day or two after the event is over to take your business forward.

13.Handing out giveaways to everybody passing by
Giveaways are meant to be distributed among people who make the effort to visit your booth. Make sure freebies are not given away to everybody passing by your booth!

14.Ignoring the fact that booth employees should be trained to speak well

You should be careful about who represents your booth. The employee must be courteous and well trained on all aspects of your business. He should be able to offer knowledgeable replies to questions at all times.

15.Having no patience
A tradeshow event is an all-day affair. You will have to deal with visitors all through the day. Make sure you don’t get bored or lose interest too quickly. Be at your active best to keep visitors engaged throughout.

16.Speaking badly about a competitor

A lot of booth owners talk badly about competitors. This is a wrong move that may backfire during an interaction. A visitor to your booth has not yet committed to your services. You will have to make the effort to win his trust. Badmouthing a competitor will be seen as a negative trait – visitors may not share your point of view.

17.Arguing with visitors
A visitor may behave rudely or ask too many meaningless questions. Don’t lose your cool. You are being observed by a lot of people – it’s important to be at your courteous best at all times!

18.Complaining about how poorly the tradeshow is run
Have any complaints about the tradeshow? Air your concerns with the appropriate authorities in private. Don’t waste your time complaining about the event when you are having visitors at your booth.

19.Leaving the booth unattended

Want to grab a quick bite? Or pay a visit to the loo? Make sure you have somebody at your booth at all times. Leaving it unattended will destroy your chances of making an impact.

20.Don’t shy away from making eye contact
Visitors prefer to interact with people who are willing to make eye contact. Having eye contact will ensure you remain confident throughout your conversations.
Like this list of dos and don’ts? We hope you are able to make use of them to ensure your next tradeshow event is a success! All the best!

About Author:

Jayden Samuelson is an online marketing expert and a regular contributor to Promo Direct. He likes reading articles on online marketing industry and has been a part of discussions on many boards and forums. Jayden Samuelson can be followed on Google+, Twitter and Facebook

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