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12 Custom Sunglasses To Highlight Your Brand

12 Custom Sunglasses To Highlight Your Brand

Date Published: July 9, 2015


Sunglasses have been around for centuries. The Chinese were the first to invent them way back in the 12th century! Back then, the tints in sunglasses were used for a different purpose altogether. The main goal of prehistoric sunglasses was to correct vision imperfections rather than offering protection from the sun.

Modern sunglasses have a unique role to play in society. They not only protect eyes from harmful rays but also serve as fashion accessories. They are highly desirable and people love receiving them as freebies. This is probably why sunglasses are a hit with businesses as giveaways. We recommend you opt for sunglasses as well to promote a brand, cause or show appreciation to customers.

Launch a trendy marketing campaign with custom sunglasses! The range of products we offer on this page will show off a cool and modern look for your brand. These sunglasses can be given away as souvenirs at hotels, offices, fundraisers, concerts or any place where a lot of people gather together!

Our range of sunglasses has become a hit as outdoor marketing tools. Since our sunglasses have a one-size-fits-all format, they are easy to buy without worrying too much about the technical details. Use our sunglasses to highlight a product or message to the local community. Your brand will definitely be remembered for a long time.

Featured below are 12 of the most popular sunglasses and accessories available on our site. These sunglasses have proven their worthiness as marketing winners. We have hundreds of buyers who keep coming back to us with reorders. These products can be trusted to give your brand a quality boost in visibility and desirability.

Choose from them to launch a cool and memorable marketing campaign!

1.Glow-in-the-dark Sunglasses

Pricing: Bulk prices start at $1.22!

This product will serve as a fun addition to your marketing campaign. These glow-in-the-dark sunglasses are high on usability and fun! All you have to do is expose them to sunlight – these sunglasses will then glow brightly in the dark!

This product is ideal for events that take place in the evenings. It can also be a part of party favor bags or fundraising baskets.

2.Two Tone Malibu Glasses

Pricing: Bulk prices start at $1.94!
The two tone color of this product gives a classy look to the wearer. Made of polycarbonate material, this product features UV400 lenses. The 100% UVA and UVB Protection will ensure recipients won’t have to worry about the sun anymore!

3.Junior Neon Sunglasses

Pricing: Bulk prices start at $.96!
This product comes in colorful shades. Ideal as a giveaway at clothing and sporting goods stores, this product features dark and ultraviolet protective lenses. The lenses come individually cello-wrapped.

Another feature is that the neon-colored glasses can easily float in water for quality fun!

4.Coronado Cool Sunglasses

Pricing: Bulk prices start at $1.23!

These sunglasses feature high gloss and are built to attract maximum attention. Made of extra-strong polycarbonate frames, the Coronado Cool Sunglasses are built to last years! These sunglasses are FDA approved and come with matching colored frames and arms.

5.Classic Aviator Sunglasses

Pricing: Bulk prices start at $1.79!

These classy looking sunglasses feature an Aviator design. Made of polycarbonate material, these sunglasses feature lenses with 100% UVA and UVB Protection. One feature your recipients will love is the molded nose pad. It ensures maximum comfort for wearers.

6.Slazenger Pilot Sunglasses

Pricing: Bulk prices start at $15.21!

Slazenger is a reputed brand that’s synonymous with style and boldness. The Slazenger Pilot Sunglasses feature a timeless Aviator style that gives wearers a rugged look. Each pair of sunglasses features a quality hard case to secure them in. A soft cleaning cloth featuring the Slazenger print is included as well.

7.Microfiber Pouch With Drawstring

Pricing: Bulk prices start at $.62!
The most inexpensive product on this list, this pouch will secure sunglasses against scratches and dust. Made of microfiber material, this product can be used to clean lenses as well.

8.The Juliette Women’s Sunglasses

Pricing: Bulk prices start at $1.70!
This product is aimed at the women your business is associated with. Highly fashionable, this product features UV400 lenses that guard against harmful ultraviolet rays. The women – employees and customers – will find these sunglasses classy and will sport them whenever they can!

9.Chillin’ Sunglasses

Pricing: Bulk prices start at $2.11!
This cool-looking pair of sunglasses is a great giveaway for those looking for a fun marketing item. The strong 400 UV rating will protect eyes from the sun. It features fun patterns that will ensure wearers stand out wherever they go! Get your logo imprinted on the Chillin’ Sunglasses and brace yourself for some valuable visibility!

10.Eyeglass/Tech Cloth

Pricing: Bulk prices start at $.92!
This 6”x 6” microfiber cloth can serve multiple purposes! It is washable and reusable. It not only cleans lenses but also cameras, handheld phones, computers and many more devices!

11.Slazenger Multi-Lens Sport Sunglasses

Pricing: Bulk prices start at $23.39!
This product is the most expensive on this list. It looks highly classy and is fashionable to the core. The Slazenger Multi-Lens Sport Sunglasses come packed in a top-quality zippered carrying case. This product comes with 3 variants of shades – Tinted, Yellow and Clear. We recommend you use them as business gifts.

12.Color Changing Sunglasses

Pricing: Bulk prices start at $1.67!
We round off this list with a fun product. The Color Changing Sunglasses feature frames that change color when used in sunlight. The color increases in intensity with stronger UV rays. Each sunglass comes individually poly-bagged. The lens offers UV 400 protection.

Like the list of sunglasses we have offered here? Go ahead and choose the right one to represent your brand. Do share with us the logo you want imprinted on the product of your choice. We will discuss with you and do the perfect personalization job!

Get in touch with us by sending an email to or calling us at 800-748-6150. Our team of marketing experts looks forward to hearing from you soon.

Happy shopping!

About Author:

Jayden Samuelson is an online marketing expert. He likes reading articles on online marketing industry and has been a part of discussions on many boards and forums. Jayden Samuelson can be followed on Google+, Twitter and Facebook

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