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10 Personalized Pencils To Highlight Your Brand

10 Personalized Pencils To Highlight Your Brand

Date Published: September 7, 2015
Are you planning on including personalized pencils in your marketing mix? This article is for you! At Promo Direct, we have a variety of pencils to choose from. From standard and mechanical to the most colorful, our attractive pencils pack a big marketing punch!

Our pencils are inexpensive and are great to imprint your logo on. They are inexpensively priced and capable of single-handedly driving your marketing campaign forward. All you have to do is personalize and distribute these pencils among kids in the local schools in your area. These pencils can also be distributed at offices, charity homes and retail stores.

We have compiled a list of 10 pencils for you to choose from. Go through this list and pick a pencil that suits your marketing requirements.

1. Bic ® Pencil Solids

This amazing looking pencil features a lightweight wood barrel. With a gold ferrule and white eraser, these solid pencils are great to write with. They can be sharpened easily and will look great on desks.

Bulk prices start at $.15.

2. Mood Stick Pencils
This pencil has a peculiar trait – it changes color on application of heat. This means that the pencil will look different as you use it for longer periods. This pencil is capable of providing your brand with valuable attention. This product can serve as a fun giveaway as well.

Bulk prices start at $.24.

3.Bargain Buy Pencils
This economical product is among the most inexpensive on this list. It comes under our 24 Hour Rush category – this means that we ship the next day after receiving your order.

Bulk prices start at $.17.

4. JoBee Recycled Newspaper Pencils
Are you looking for an environment-friendly product that is economically priced? This product fits the bill! This round pencil is made from 95% post-consumer, recycled newspaper. It is the ideal product to give your marketing a push.

Bulk prices start at $.19.

5. JoBee Jumbo Tipped Pencil
This pencil features a large diameter. It comes with an eraser and can serve as a quality reminder of your business.

Bulk prices start at $.35.

6. JoBee Recycled Denim Currency Pencils
These round pencils are eco-friendly and great giveaways. You get to choose between 30% recycled currency or denim pencils.
Bulk prices start at $.26.

7.  Pen & Pencil Set
This set features an eco-friendly tube with the following content: 2 pencils, 2 ballpoint pens and a wood sharpener. This product is a great giveaway for those looking for distributing more than just pencils.
Bulk prices start at $2.03.

8. Neon Bargain Buy Pencils
This attractive looking pencil comes with a white rubber eraser. It writes well and the neon color ensures your logo is noticed instantly.
Bulk prices start at $.17.  
9. JoBee Super Value School Kit
This school kit offers total value for the money! It features 2 White Jo-Bee Miser Round Pencils,  1 White Jo-Bee Round Eraser and 1 White pencil sharpener. Your logo and message will be imprinted on the pouch.
Bulk prices start at $1.40.

10.Renegade Mechanical Pencil
This product is the only mechanical pencil on this list. It features a comfortable grip that ensures pleasurable writing. It also features a removable cap that conceals a white eraser.
Like these products? Click on any of the links above to place an order. You could also go through our site to explore the entire range of pencils. Don’t hesitate to give us a call (800-748-6150) or send an email ( if you have any questions.

About Author:

Jayden Samuelson is an online marketing expert .He likes reading articles on online marketing industry and has been a part of discussions on many boards and forums.Jayden Samuelson can be followed on Google+, Twitter and Facebook

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