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Why You Should Use Mugs More Often To Highlight Your Brand

Why You Should Use Mugs More Often To Highlight Your Brand

Mugs are an indispensible part of our lives! Each home in the United States may have around 8 to 10 mugs that are regularly used, depending on the number of members in the family. And then there may be a couple of mugs kept aside for family and friends who are visiting.

A 2009 PPAI study* revealed that Drinkware (the category that includes mugs) is the 5th most sought after category after Wearables, Writing Instruments, Bags and Calendars. So it will be a good idea to add them as marketing tools to your campaign.

Here are some reasons why you should use mugs to highlight your brand:

1. They look attractive!: Mugs offer more visual presence than, say, a pen, which is one of the most popular giveaways. Mugs look good and will have an immediate impact on your marketing campaign.

2. Excellent imprint area: Mugs offer more imprint area than most giveaways. So there’s every chance your logo will get noticed wherever these mugs are displayed.

3. Highly functional: Mugs are not only used to drink from but also as showpieces. Your recipients can show case them on shelves or they can be used to keep office stationery.

4. Budget-friendly prices: If you think mugs are expensive, then think again! Discount mugs start at really low prices - you stand to save more when you buy in huge bulk. You can get personalized ceramic coffee mugs imprinted with your logo for maximum visibility.

5. Varieties available: From stainless steel and ceramic mugs to plastic and disposable ones, there are a good variety of mugs available to promote your brand. Choose items that best suit your branding requirements.

Like what you read about mugs? The next time you have a marketing requirement, make sure you turn your focus to mugs!

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