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Most Common Terms Used In Promotional Product Industry

10 Common Terms Used In The Promotional Product Industry

Date Published: October 26, 2016


Most people new to promotional products are unaware of the jargon frequently used by veterans. The purpose of this article is to highlight 10 such words so that newbies quickly understand how the industry works.

1. Setup Charges

A setup charge represents the costs a manufacturer incurs for labor and materials to personalize your order. The charge mainly depends on the type of printing method used to add your logo to the product. Look at our inventory and you will notice that setup charges vary across categories. You will also find products that come with no setup charges!

2. Low Minimum Products

Sometimes the buyer doesn’t need too many products for his marketing campaign. At Promo Direct, we have a section dedicated to low minimum giveaways. This allows the buyer to make his purchase in smaller quantities to reach out to a limited audience.

3. Paper Proof

A paper proof is provided to the customer for approval before production starts. It gives the buyer a clear picture of how his/her product will look after personalization. The buyer can request a change if he/she is not satisfied with the end-result.

4. Vector formats

Vector images are used to share images with customers. A vector image doesn’t get blurry when the image is zoomed unlike the more popular jpeg format. It helps to ensure that your customers view a paper sample of the personalized product in its full glory! Vector images are commonly created using Illustrator. They are saved as .eps or .ai files.

5. Screen Printing

Screen printing deploys ink over a screen onto the surface where the logo should appear. It is a popular method that is used to personalize a variety of products that include t-shirts and mugs.

6. Laser Engraving

This printing method uses a laser to vaporize a pre-defined pattern onto a surface. The pattern represents your logo or marketing message. Pens are examples of laser engraved giveaways.

7. Embroidery

Embroidery is mainly used to imprint a logo on apparel. It offers a high quality finish that lasts for a long time.

8. Deep Etch

Deep etching is a fairly new method used to imprint logos on ceramic products such as mugs. It cuts the ceramic to leave a white etch that represents your desired logo.

9. Deboss

Debossing is a printing method used on leather items. You will find it mostly on bags and portfolios. It is also used on clothing. Debossing doesn’t leave any color behind. Your logo will look like it was etched out of the surface!

10. Referral programs

At Promo Direct, we encourage existing customers to recommend our products to family and friends. In return, we provide handy gifts and discounts that make their purchases on our site a lot more fun!

We hope you found these terms useful! Get in touch with us if you are eager to learn more about the industry! You can also choose from our range of corporate giveaways to highlight your brand!

About Author

Hi, I am Susan Smith. By profession I am into promotional product business for last 7 years now. Currently I am in charge of Promo Direct online marketing & promotion. Promo Direct brings nearly 20 years of experience into this industry. I can be followed on Google+ and Twitter.
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