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1. Promo Direct topped TopTenReviews' List of Promotional Product Online Stores For 2017

Promo Direct #1 rated promotional products store 2017

Promo Direct has been named as the number#1 promotional products store for the third consecutive year and has also bagged the Top Ten Reviews’ 2017 Gold Award! Among several companies, which were analyzed on the basis of – pricing, production, item selection, shipping, help & support, Promo Direct emerged as the clear winner. In the final verdict, the company received the highest rating of 9.83 out of 10.

OThis promotional product store has a list of satisfied customers due to their transparent pricing, a variety of products, efficient screen-printing, and fast shipping. Promo Direct also offers a free art prep & design of the artwork for those who don’t have a print-ready artwork. Most competitors charge up to $50 for this service!

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2. Promo Direct topped TopTenReviews' List of Promotional Product Online Stores For 2016

number 1 rated promotional products store

Promo Direct, an online product store has topped TopTenReviews’ list and has become the proud winner of the Top Ten Reviews Gold Award. This promotional product company has earned this honor for consistently providing a wide selection of high-quality products to customers and excellent customer support service with professionalism and integrity.

Promo Direct offers a full range of promotional products that includes – apparel, writing instruments, bags, drinkware, recognition awards and trophies, business and office accessories, computer, and electronic products, home and auto accessories, calendars and dated giveaways, and toys and stress relievers. The company also offers a free email proof of the imprint to the client for approval to ensure the order will be produced accurately!

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3. Promo Direct topped TopTenReviews' List of Promotional Product Online Stores For 2015

number 1 rated promotional products store

Promo Direct is a hard service to beat. Its wide selection of items are high-quality, functional gifts that potential customers will use over and over again. To be sure you are a satisfied customer, the company matches prices you may find elsewhere and offers you a generous number of free samples. A solid guarantee and good customer service all add up to a company that does its best to be fast, friendly, informative and helpful.

One of the major reasons that Promo Direct ranks so high in our review of the best promotional product stores is its excellent and inexpensive screen printing, embroidery and engraving options. As you are building your order, these fees - some of the lowest in the industry - are displayed prominently. And there is no one-size-fits-all setup fee. Fees range in price, typically by size. The setup fee for a pen may be a quarter of the setup fee for imprinting your brand across the front of a messenger bag. Promo Direct also offers free graphic-design services, both for customers who don’t have artwork prepared for their corporate merchandise or those that require just a cleanup of their existing logo.

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4. PromoDirect Review by TopTenReviews

One of the major reasons that Promo Direct ranks so high in our review of the best promotional product stores is its excellent printing, embroidery and engraving options. Additionally, Promo Direct offers graphic-design services for customers who don’t have artwork prepared for their corporate merchandise.

We received a good number of sample items from Promo Direct. Upon inspection, we found them to be of extremely high quality. They don’t feel cheap like some logoed products do. The apparel we received looked and felt like it was bought at a department store.

One of the sample products we received was a messenger bag that we feel was of particularly high quality. Any student or traveling business person would definitely use this item to tote their laptop around. When you imagine your logo embroidered on 1,000 of these bags, the power of Promo Direct becomes clear.

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5. PromoDirect Review by Sugarrae


When PushFire exhibited for the first time this past summer, we needed to order custom printed shirts, custom lighters and popup banners for the show.

You’ve already read about my [facepalm] experience with Customized Girl when it came to ordering my own “girlie” type shirts but for the polo shirts (for the guys) and the lighters, we used PromoDirect.

It takes a lot to truly impress me these days, especially when it comes to online merchants. But PromoDirect did not only just that – they did more than that.

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6. Promo Direct review on Knoji by Tammi Haynes

Businesses are having a better time managing their promotional expenses with companies that place their branding and promotional needs at the forefront of their practices. Companies like Promo Direct have been creating opportunities that streamline both creative concepts and the cost associated with them in favorable packaging options since 1991. Customizing hand sanitizers, pens, pads drinking canteens, apparel and much more are their specialty. They offer everything want could need to attract trade show viewers; capture the attention of their niche market with amazing promotional offers; and a whole lot more for less than many anticipate.

Promo Direct  is committed to bringing their customers a chance to realize substantial savings while arming them with tremendous buying power. Their overhead is kept low to ensure they are able to make high volume purchases of a variety of top quality brands. The savings they create through their smart business strategies are passed onto you. Each item they carry has a proven record for creating buzz, thereby enabling the buyers to have confidence in every item they purchase.

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7. Promo Direct review on Knoji by Decan Raw

Promo Direct is an online departmental store that sell promotional products and promotional services at low prices in bulk quantity. They carries huge range of products from clothes to your office needed products and foods to health related products. They have provided a full catalog on their website which makes very easy to find desire products and see its availability instantly.

They offer very competitive prices and cheaper too. Price of same product varies with the quantity of pieces. Like if you order 150 Aero Sportpack/11322R bags, it will cost you $1.77/item and if you order 500 Aero Sportpack/11322R bags, it will cost you $1.64/item. All that means that if you buy in bulk more will be the discount.

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8. Promo Direct customer review on

I had a fantastic experience with this particular company Promodirect. I had ordered ’Aluminium Promotional bottles’ just for some promotional activity and i liked them very much. What is special about Promodirect is, they customize the Logo or company message on the product so well that i felt I should have taken more quantity.

I will not say that they are superior than all other competitors but this company is professional in approach, they give superior customer experience which is must for an customer. - By gadgetman777

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