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Have you ever done a marketing campaign that revolves around pets? At Promo Direct, we have a good range of logo pet products to take your branding to a whole new level. These logo pet products are ideal for those who are in businesses that cater to pets. These items can also be given to clients and employees who own pets. Among the items featured on this page are animal-shaped stress relievers, pet litter scoopers, and first aid for pets. You can also check out our calendars featuring pictures of cute furry animals. Also, check out the Paws N Claws Sport Pack, a product featuring cute and cartoonish animal faces. You could also opt for dog promotional items like pet collars, bone stress relievers, pet shampoos or even perfumes! The Fit Fido Dog Pedometer is a creative and unique giveaway dog owners will love receiving. Take a pick from our range of giveaways and use them to launch a pet-friendly marketing campaign with imprinted pet products! We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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