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Promotional products in many shades of red
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Promote your company with red promotional items

Giving away red colored giveaways is a smart move if you want to aggressively spread the word about your company. Red promotional items can be given to both loyal and potential clients, providing utility for them and branding for your company. This color is also commonly associated with energy, so you can use giveaways by Promo Direct to promote energy drinks, games and automobiles. For affordable products, opt for items like the Classic Red Beverage Napkin, Custom Awareness Bracelets, and the Ultimate Letter Opener that are available for less than a dollar. These products personalized with your company logo will always be associated with your business and services, creating a positive brand recall. Choose Promo Direct’s products such as the Comfort Visor, Promo Cotton Twill Cap or the Mustang Sling Backpack. These products in red are also good for sports or automobile brands, as the color symbolizes power and action. If you are in the healthcare industry, consider handing out branded stress balls or custom-printed water bottles. As compared to neutral colored items, red promotional items stand out and attract interest. Red colored giveaways are ideal for events such as Valentine’s Day and World Heart Day. Giving away red gifts during these events shows that your brand cares and increases loyalty and trust. Depending on your requirement, choose from Promo Direct’s range of best seller items, sale items or 24 Hour Rush Items. Hurry and finalize your order today!

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St. Croix Pen

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