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4 Reasons To Use Calendars As Giveaways

As the year 2014 approaches, it’s time to do some excellent promotional for your brand. Want a New Year prediction? Your brand’s popularity is going to soar. Are we kidding? No, we are not. Because we believe in the power of calendars as giveaways.

Here are 4 reasons why calendars should be a priority in your marketing campaign:

1. Maximum Visual Appeal: Calendars are designed to be as attractive as possible. They can easily become the center of attraction wherever they are displayed, whether it’s a wall or desk.

2. High Utility Value: There’s no denying the fact that calendars rank among the most useful giveaways. Recipients will use a calendar several times a day to stay organized, keeping your logo on their minds every time. Calendars like the Saturday Evening Post are classics that your client will hold on to even after the year passes and pocket planners will help them organize their year better.

 3. Level of personalization: Calendars have the potential to bring in the relevance-factor in your gifts. For example, give a nature lover Garden Walk Stapled Calendar or an animal lover, the Puppies & Kittens Calendar. Your clients will feel honored that you know their likes and preferences and have given sincere thought to their gifts.

4. Budget-friendly: Calendars are available at a wide range of prices and start for less than a dollar! Choose one that suits your budget requirements. And invest in a couple of hundreds of calendars for your campaign. People will love receiving them from you!

All the best for the New Year!

About Author:

Gary Taylr is a marketing consultant and works with the creative team at Promo Direct to boost sales. He is a regular participant in discussions related to business and marketing. He loves exchanging ideas and connecting with like-minded people. Gary can be followed on Google+ and Twitter .

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