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"I gave these to my customers on Thanksgiving day. They were awestruck. " -Rick N., Lancaster

"Counting on these luggage spotters for some quality visibility. " -Daniel F., Evanston

"The Sandwich Cap has got a lot of followers in office. They match with the company uniform. My logo is neat and clear on these caps. " -Stanley I., Greenwich

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Factory Direct Pricing Factory Direct Pricing

Factory Direct Promotional Products: Available at budget-friendly prices

The Factory Direct promotional products from Promo Direct will allow large and small businesses to stay on budget while promoting their brand or cause. Promo Direct realizes the budgetary constraints of businesses everywhere and works hard to offer quality Factory Direct promotional products so that you do not have to compromise on the impact of your marketing campaign.

You can choose from any of the following printed promotional items:

i.Calendars: They are cheap, offer high visibility and will be used through the year!

ii.Apparel: Who doesn't love receiving a free t-shirt, jacket or shirt? Get your logo imprinted on our apparel - sit back and watch as your logo gets noticed all over town!

iii.Bags: Bags are great as printed promotional products. Not only do they offer high utility but they can be used for long, giving your brand excellent visibility.

iv.Healthcare: It doesn't matter if you belong to the healthcare sector but going for these items will show your recipients that you care for them. Choose from items such as stress relievers, hand sanitizers and lip balms.

v.Drinkware: Whether its aluminum or steel bottles, ceramic mugs and plastic cups, Promo Direct has them all! You'll be spoilt for choice.

vi.Writing: Our pens are priced real low and will fit well within your budget. Choose from inexpensive click pens to elegant ones that can be used as business giveaways. We also have a good collection of highlighters on offer for you.

vii.Tradeshow: Planning to host a booth at an upcoming tradeshow? Your brand will gain some good visibility with the badge reels and lanyards provided by us.

Other interesting printed promotional products on offer include office stationery, candy, technology items, outdoor items, personal care products and toys. Make your pick and get in touch with us to get your logo imprinted on them. Place your order today itself!

Printed promotional products: A great variety to choose from