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Office promotional products to highlight your brand

Are you looking for office promotional products that are trendy and reliable as well? You have come to the right page! You will come across a collection of items that are capable of doing a very good job for your brand. Race Car Clock is already looking super cool. By engraving your logo, these cars will look even better! Light N Lookcomes with an ON/OFF button and fits well within a wallet or purse. Your recipients will love these items. Magnifying Bookmark will add weight to your marketing campaign! Featuring a magnifier to enlarge small print, it's a very useful item for the visually impaired or senior citizens. The Pocket Tape Measure / Level: is a handy gadget featuring tape measure in a bright plastic case. Looks trendy and is available in a variety of bright colors. The items on this page are all brand new and great for an effective marketing campaign. And be assured that your recipients will use these items for years! So just get in touch with our team and we will do the rest to highlight your brand!

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Jiffi Slitter

As low as $.50

Mini Desk

As low as $1.76

Rubber Eraser

As low as $1.02