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Custom Bic pens offer your brand valuable visibility and affordability!

The year 1945 witnessed the start of a revolution in the writing industry with the launch of Société Bic (popularly known as Bic). The company went on to produce some of the world's finest stationery. A pen from the house of Bic is considered to be reliable and long-lasting. Their pens are great to own and provide excellent advertising opportunities for the advertiser!

Bic pens are the most colorful you will come across!

Look at the pens featured on this page! The first thought that comes to a prospective buyer's mind is the mind-boggling colors these pens are available in. Let's be honest – an attractive pen is desirable and will definitely win the approval of recipients. Investing in custom Bic pens is definitely a wise decision!

These pens can suit all kinds of budgets!

A majority of these bic promotional pens are very economically priced. Don't expect a dip in quality though. Bic has always been renowned for offering pens that write well at affordable prices!

Here are some pens that are on the higher side of the price spectrum (and still within the upper limit of most marketing budgets):
- BIC® Leather Ballpoint Pen
- BIC ® Carbon Fiber Twist Ball Pen
- BIC® Leather Roller Pen

So go ahead and choose a Bic pen to highlight your brand. By investing in these pens, you are associating your brand with Bic's glorious history of more than 70 years. Contact us if you are confused about which pen to go for. We will do a great job in finding just the right product for your campaign!

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