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Reusable lunch bags to advertise your brand
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Personalized lunch bags are great giveaways for employees and clients!

Quality lunch bags are popular with office-goers because they help to keep food fresh all through the day. Users can dig in and enjoy their favorite food while taking a break from hectic activity at work.

Personalized lunch bags help businesses take their relationship with clients and employees to a new level. Recipients will remember your brand when they enjoy delicious food packed in lunch bags personalized by you! When distributed as giveaways, these bags show that you care about their well-being.

Our promotional lunch bags are available in a wide range of material!

Promo Direct features an extensive line of lunch bags that are easy-to-carry, cost-efficient and trendy. We offer lunch bags made of materials such as polyester, nylon and micro canvas. All of them offer an impressive surface area for your logo or company details.

These lunch bags are perfect not just for offices but all kinds of outdoor activities. Recipients will gladly use these handy gifts and think of you each time they do!

Lunch bags promote a healthier lifestyle

Carrying lunch while on the move is a simple way to lead a healthier lifestyle. It helps you save money by preventing you from spending on outside food.

Our custom lunch sacks have ample space to hold lunch, snacks and beverages. Giving away our bags will earn you a lot of goodwill and help make a lasting impression on clients.

These personalized lunch bags fold flat and are lightweight. This makes them perfect to distribute at trade shows or as a welcome gift to new recruits. Businesses can use them as ‘Thank You’ gifts for customers or hand them out at fundraisers to get support for causes.

Ordering promotional lunch bags from us is fast, easy and fun. We also offer 24 hour rush service bags on specific items. So chat with us now or call us at 800-748-6150. Our friendly customer service specialists will help you choose the perfect lunch bag for your campaign.

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