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Personalized Auto & Home Accessories: Brand New Marketing Tools!

A lot of our buyers rely on the personalized auto & home accessories available on this page for their marketing promotions. And why not? Most of the items featured on this page are high on utility value and low on pricing. They are great to own and will last long as well. What's more, all of these Personalized Tools are brand new and introduced to give your marketing campaign a strong boost. While choosing your giveaway, you could focus on items that feature the green 24 HOUR icon as well. They will help you launch a marketing campaign in short notice. Here is a run through of some of the products featured on this page. Novenary LED Flashlight is one super flashlight! Featuring an aluminum body and 9 LED lights, these flashlights come with wrist wrap, making them convenient to carry around. Each flashlight comes individually polybagged. Slim Light Pocket Tool kit is sleek and comes with an ON/OFF push button to operate the light. It also comes with six screw bits. Prices start for as low as $3. Pop A Light Keychain comes with 3 LED lights and an aluminum bottle opener. The perfect keychain for your marketing purposes, this item comes in two colors. Tri Cork Screw is a really inexpensive product for your brand! This tri-cork screw features a bottle opener, cork screw and knife. It also has a magnet on the back so that it quickly attaches itself to any metallic surface such as a fridge or shelf. So go ahead and place your order today. Our team will do a good job of personalizing these tools.

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