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"We found this highlighter the perfect studying aid for the kids at our school. " -Mike Carmody., Denver

"These napkins look good. " -Macy G., Homer

"Quality folders. " -Calvin T., Woonsocket

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Our custom pens are among the best giveaways!

Promotional Writing Instruments can easily make a great impact as giveaways, especially if they belong to a top brand. On this page, you will find a variety of items, including Bic pencils and pens for business promotions. Giving away custom Writing Instruments is a way of telling your customers that you believe in delivering quality services to them. These pens are great for trust building and will serve as the perfect ambassadors of your brand.

The universal nature of writing tools is what makes them popular giveaways. Promotional Writing Items are received well by everyone irrespective of where your target audience is geographically located, what profession they are in, what age group they are, whether they are predominantly male or female. They are cost-effective advertising tools as they generate countless impressions and increase brand awareness for their low price.

Give away custom Writing Instruments at tradeshows

Bic products are ideal tradeshow giveaways and they are perfect to hand out to booth visitors. Count on them to remind recipients of your brand long after the tradeshow is over.

High utility and retention factor

Once these pencils or pens are given away, people will use them frequently and leave them lying around on desks at their homes or offices. The logo imprint then gets noticed by passer-by. Sometimes these writing items are passed on to friends and colleagues so more opportunities are created for the brand to be noticed

Nearly every business or cause can give out Promotional Writing Items to their audiences. It doesn’t matter whether you represent an educational institution, a large-scale business, a grocer, a hotel or even a local dry cleaner! Just go ahead and use them to highlight your business among your target audience! So whether it’s Bic pencils and pens or those of any other brand, make sure you place an order only at Promo Direct.