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About Tradeshow Giveaways and Promotional Trade Show Items

Tradeshow giveaways distributed among visitors at your stall will help boost visibility and recall for your brand. As long as your giveaways are high in quality, they will be appreciated by visitors and will be retained by them long after they reach their homes as well.
Define your target customers and decide which promotional trade show items suit your marketing strategies. On this page, you will come across some practical giveaways that can be easily given out at your stall. The products are divided under 3 sections:

Find Tradeshow Giveaways at the lowest prices

Badgeholders: Reasonably priced, badgeholders are creative giveaways capable of promoting your brand efficiently at stalls. Make your employees display their badges using these reels and holders or distribute them among visitors.
Lanyards: Promo Direct has a great collection of colorful lanyards to showcase your brand to the world. Ensure that employees at your stall sport them for maximum visibility.

Napkins, Plates & Disposable Cups: Featured on this page are some quality napkins, disposable cups and plates. There is a wide variety of colors on offer for the napkins. The disposable paper plates and cups ensure that visitors can have a quick snack at your stall.

The promo giveaways  that are hugely popular among our buyers are:
6 ft Flat Table Cover: Our buyers love using these colorful table covers to feature their products. They have their logo and contact details imprinted to gain maximum attention to their brand.
9' Razor Sail Sign Banner Kit: This banner is a big hit with our buyers! Imprint your logo and message and keep this banner at a strategic place where they will get noticed by visitors. Be assured that this attractive banner will quickly attract the attention of your stall's visitors.
Other hot selling items include the Cotton Lanyard Neck Cord and Neck Wallet.

Factory Direct Pricing Tradeshow Giveaways

Promo Direct believes in providing you with the best products at the best prices. This is why we bring you these products direct from the factory at awesome prices!
Promo giveaways such as the I Wear Strap and Retractable Badge Reel are great additions to your brand. Go through the products featured on this page and place an order for them today! You will be surprised with the amount of visibility these products bring to your brand!