6 Halloween Marketing Ideas To Boost Your Branding Efforts

Held every year on the 31st of October, Halloween is a lovable and spooky event that needs no introduction. It’s the perfect night for tricks, treats and of course ghouls. Since Halloween attracts everybody, irrespective of age, it’s the perfect occasion to socialize and gain some amazing brownie points for your brand.

Use this special and memorable holiday to socialize in the local community. Join in the fun by distributing promotional giveaways to trick or treaters or host a Halloween bash! Using Halloween to ensure your brand is noticed around town is the best way to win the hearts of potential and current customers.

It’s important to lay the foundation for your Halloween-based marketing campaign. It’s also important not to appear like you are pushing your products or services down their throats. For this, you need to create an engaging and intriguing campaign that stays with them for years. Here are some ideas that can help maximize Halloween’s marketing potential for your business.

  1. Run exciting email marketing campaigns preparing them for what’s in store

The right emailers can build a lot of suspense and excitement for your Halloween-themed marketing campaigns. Have a designer build creative-looking and inquisitive emailers that strike a chord with your target audience. Make sure you back up those emailers with exciting contests or giveaways!

  1. Offer exciting Halloween deals

Offer early bird deals and discounts to ensure you have an edge over competitors. Spread the word through social media and email marketing to ensure that current and potential customers don’t miss out on these exciting deals.

  1. Have fun with wacky hashtags

Make your own unique hashtags and encourage followers to share funny or memorable Halloween stories and pictures. Gain access to better engagement through these hashtags and drive the sales of your products and services through cleaver contests.

  1. Distribute holidays giveaways

Everybody loves to receive freebies, especially ones with high utility value! At Promo Direct, we have a range of giveaways that can connect with your target audience. You could opt for Halloween-themed giveaways or simply choose to distribute exciting products such as custom engraved pens, imprinted bags, logo printed t shirts, promotional mugs, custom glassware, tech promotional items, healthcare promotional items and lots more! With close to 8000 products in our inventory, you are likely to find all you need with a few clicks!

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  1. Get your website and social media profiles in the holiday mood

Halloween is all about decorations! Spread a lot of excitement and joy through your website and social media profiles by using Halloween-themed decorative components. You could also change the names of your products and services to reflect a spooky feel.

  1. Create fun videos featuring your employees

Why not shoot videos showing employees having fun? It’s a great way to highlight your brand’s credibility and desirability. These videos will help add warmth to your marketing campaign. What’s more, it’s likely that the employees’ friends and family members will share these videos, providing widespread visibility for your posts.

At Promo Direct, we have helped customers launch a series of successful marketing campaigns by unlocking the power of promotional products. Do you need advice on planning a Halloween-themed campaign? Why not get in touch with us by calling 1-800-748-6150 or sending an email to info@promodirect.com? We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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