The True Value Of Promotional Products

For our customers, promotional products serve as memorable gifts that keep on giving! Take for example the colorful and exciting Bic® Clic Stic. Priced at bulk prices that range between 27 and 37 cents, this pen is hugely popular with our customers. They keep coming back with reorders because their target audience grew fond of the pen and asked for more. As a result, the few marketing dollars spent on personalizing these pens ensure tremendous ROI over the years.

Many people wrongly think that promotional products are outdated in the digital age. This has been proven wrong many times through businesses that continue to rely on promotional merchandise to connect with target audiences. Giveaways can add immense value to brand efforts, significantly improving brand equity and steering prospects and customers to make decisions in your favor.

Many surveys have been conducted over the year to truly understand the value provided by promotional products. We have captured some important stats here for you:

  • A customer who has received a promotional product is 14% more inclined to offer sales leads than a customer who received nothing
  • 39% of those who received a promotional giveaway can recall the business that gave it more than 6 months after receiving it
  • Sales teams that distributed promotional gifts gained a growth of 22% in referrals
  • People who received promotional gifts are likely to re-order 18% sooner than people who received coupons

These stats highlight how important giveaways are for businesses and sales teams. What’s more, customers and prospects who received a promotional product expressed more goodwill toward the company than those who did not receive a promo product.

How do giveaways have an impact on the audience?

The first things that come to mind for most people when they think about promotional merchandise are pens, stress relievers, mugs and t-shirts. But there is more to promotional products than just the items mentioned here. A lot of businesses invest in useful or high-end giveaways that can add tremendous value to their target audience’s lifestyle, from diaries, USBs, phone chargers, sunglasses, writing sets, BBQ sets and lots more!

Most giveaways can be immediately put to use, providing the target audience with a memorable way to remember your brand for a long time. Personalized calendars, for example, are often used through the year, providing you with invaluable ROI that cannot be replicated through other marketing channels.

Remember, promotional products offer:

  • Tangible and repeat exposure that ensures your brand is never forgotten soon
  • Measurable results that helps your brand monitor audience impact
  • Compatibility with other advertising channels
  • Flexibility to target diverse audiences belonging to different age groups
  • Quality goodwill by building favorable perceptions for your brand

We, at Promo Direct, invite you to leverage the power of promotional items to highlight your brand. We have close to 8000 products in our inventory waiting to be personalized for you. Get in touch with our team if you need help choosing the right giveaway. We look forward to helping you launch an effective marketing campaign!

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