5 Exciting Halloween Bags To Promote Your Business

Halloween Bags To Promote Your Business

The concept of trick or treats and Halloween bags has more humble origins than we imagined! It began in the Middle Ages when underprivileged children and adults would dress up in costumes and go from door to door seeking money or food in exchange for prayers and songs. As centuries passed by, Halloween in its current form began taking shape in the United States.

Today, Halloween ranks among the most keenly awaited holidays of the year!

Every year, a lot of buyers invest in our Halloween-themed bags. They use the bags to add a Halloween touch to their marketing efforts. The bags can serve multiple purposes:

  • As trick or treat bags
  • As swag bag featuring a variety of freebies
  • As party favor bags
  • As mail outs
  • As new member or sign-up gifts

We recommend that you opt for Halloween bags as part of your marketing efforts next month.

Featured below are some bags that are popular with our buyers. Using them as Halloween giveaways this year will bring a good amount of positivity for your brand. Not only are these Halloween promotional products high on quality but they are also bulk priced below $1, ensuring that you have an economical marketing campaign! 

1. Orange Halloween Pumpkin Shopper

Orange Halloween Pumpkin Shopper

This orange frosted pumpkin shopper features a smiling pumpkin. This plastic bag also features black soft loop handles that ensure it is easy to carry around town. Halloween stock design is available on one side of the bag. Educational safety tips are featured on the opposite side along with your logo. This product is 100% recyclable.

 2. Pumpkin Head Die Cut Bag

Pumpkin Head Die Cut Bag

This white plastic bag features non-reinforced die cut handles. This product is truly American and 100% recyclable.

 3. Silver Reflective Halloween Pumpkin Bag

Silver Reflective Halloween Pumpkin Bag

This silver reflective pumpkin bag has a stock pumpkin design and educational safety tips. It is durable and 100% recyclable.

 4. Boo Ghost Die Cut Halloween Bag

Boo Ghost Die Cut Halloween Bag

This white plastic bag features fold-over die cut handles and a bottom gusset. The stock design features educational safety tips. It is 100% recyclable. It may look light-weight but is sturdy and can last long!

 5. Purple Daze Halloween Bag

Purple Daze Halloween Bag

This shiny looking bag features non-reinforced die cut handles with Halloween stock designs printed on both sides. It is durable and can carry a good number of goodies!

We hope you found these bags exciting enough to be a part of this year’s Halloween marketing campaign. Get in touch with us if you need more Halloween-themed ideas – we will gladly be of help!