Why you should enter the world of Promotional Calendars

24th October, 2010
Its that time again, when you will start gearing up to wrap up the year and usher in a new beginning – the year 2011. Want a New Year prediction? Your brand’s popularity will not only soar, it will remain up there for a long, long time. Promotional calendars can make this come true. Here’s why…
The gaze magnet
Your clients or employees won’t be able to take their eyes off it. No, not flattery, utility is the word you are searching for. Everyone uses a calendar several times a day and there is no way that it can be under-utilized. Every time your client looks at the calendar gifted by you, their mind registers your brand in addition to the dates.
Multiple USPs
Your corporate gifts need to have that edge that will draw your clients closer to you and promotional calendars possess that potential because they offer much more than mere dates. Calendars like the Saturday Evening Post are classics that your client will hold on to even after the year passes and pocket planners will help them organize their year better.
To each it’s own
Custom calendars have the potential to bring in the relevance-factor in your gifts. For example give a nature lover Garden Walk calendar or an animal lover, the Puppies and Kittens calendar and your clients will feel honored that you know their likes and preferences and have given sincere thought to their gift or make your employees happy by gifting them Photo frame calendars, which convey that they and their loved ones are important to you.
There are calendars available for every budget and all you have to do is pay a one-time price for year-long publicity. Depending on your target audience, vary your choice of calendars. For example, if you want to give away calendars to a mass audience choose stick--up calendars, magnetic calendars or pocket planners that cost anything between less than half a dollar to a couple of dollars. Calendars with scenic pictures or motivational quotes are ideal promotional gifts to keep your client or employee happy through the year.

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