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3 Email Marketing Tips to Get Repeat Online Customers
7th September, 2010
There are several types of internet marketing. So why choose email marketing? Because if conducted well, email marketing can lead to repeat customers.
What is email marketing?
Email marketing is doing internet marketing through email. This usually starts with a sign-up form to get an email address (and permission) from your lead. Using this address well can help communicate with your customers, build a relationship and educate them about your various products and/or services.
How do you build business through email marketing? Here are 3 mail marketing tips to use to help build repeat business.
1) Determine your Purpose
First, think about your reasons for starting an email marketing campaign. Is there some sort of action that you want your messages to induce? For e.g. you email your list about a new customer loyalty program you have started with the aim that they will want to become members of your brand and avail of special offers.
2) Don’t start spamming; use an opt-in form
Getting an email address can be easy. Make sure you do have permission to start sending information before you put people on your email list. Many recipients get upset when they start getting emails they didn’t request.
3) Don’t just sell; engage
Once you have your opt-in permission, do not start hard-selling immediately.
Give your readers valuable information that they can actually use so they have reasons to open and read the emails you send. Once you have established a connection with your readers, they begin trusting you more and they’ll be receptive to your discount and sale offers.