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5 tips to get customer feedback on a new product
24th August, 2010
Customer feedback is essential to track and evaluate your business growth. Your customers are the backbone of your business and without their support; you probably would not succeed in accomplishing your fiscal goals. It is important to get a valid customer feedback on a new product or service to help you understand where you need to show improvement as far as your business planning is concerned. Here are the 5 tips to aid you obtain honest customer feedback.
1) Spread the buzz
Once you launch a new product or service, advertise and promote it effectively. Customers eagerly and actively report their reviews if they are familiar with the product.
2) Communicate with your customers
Approach your customers directly to know their reactions on the new products. The chances to get a fair feedback increase with this method.
3) Send out a survey
Send product evaluation surveys to your customers by e-mail or post. It is great to get a written feedback from a customer.
4) Online feedback
The most cost-effective way to know the customer opinion is to run an online feedback survey or furnish a feedback form. Let your customers come to your website and register their opinions with their personal details.
5) Telephonic Feedback
Let your company executives contact the customers to ask them about their reactions on a launch of a new product. This is another way of getting an authentic feedback on the new product.