Value Promotional Products For Budget-friendly Marketing Campaigns

Marketers are always on the lookout for budget-friendly giveaways that offer quality ROI that can last years. An affordable yet effective promotional product will not burn a hole in your budget, ensuring that you have plenty of marketing dollars left to invest in other marketing channels.

So, what’s a value promotional product? It’s essentially a giveaway that offers:

  • Excellent imprint area to get your brand noticed
  • Low pricing
  • High utility value so that it isn’t discarded soon

At Promo Direct, the vast majority of our products offer amazing value for your money. We have listed 5 such categories and products for you to choose from. Happy Shopping!

  1. Totes: Totes are spacious and comfortable, coming in a range of styles that can match any outfit. They are usually larger than most bags, and are very durable as well. Examples include the Non-Woven Prism Tote Bag and 6 oz. Cotton Canvas Packable Snap Tote. Our range of totes offer amazing imprint area, ensuring that your brand will get noticed quickly around town.
  2. Pens: Promotional pens have been used as potent marketing tools for several decades. They continue to lead marketing efforts for organizations. A well-designed pen will have an immediate impact on your target audience. Examples include the Bic® Grip Roller Pen and Rosewood Pen & Pencil Set. These pens are just two among the hundreds in our inventory that offer quality and comfortable writing experiences.
  3. Mugs: By choosing a beautifully-designed mug made with high-quality material, you are giving your target audience something they can build a long-lasting emotional connection to. Examples include the 14 oz. Keke Travel Mug and 15 oz. Campfire Mug (Color). Our range of mugs are comfortable to hold and will endear themselves to your target audience. 
  4. Flash Drives: A spacious flash drive can store important data backups and files, carry favorite music or applications, and help run diagnostics to fix computer problems. You will never go wrong with them as giveaways! Examples include the Nova USB Drive 8GB and Matrix Swivel USB Drive 8GB.
  5. Stress relievers: In today’s world, it’s important to beat stress to stay ahead of challenges thrown at you. That’s why we recommend funny giveaways such as the Super Smiley Stress Reliever, Happy Face Slo-Release Serenity Squishy, and MopToppers® Phone Holder to bring a smile on their faces. They will remember your brand fondly when they use these stress relievers.

We are confident you can find the right products that suits your marketing needs in our inventory. We recommend that you place an order right away to get your next marketing campaign on the road. Contact us at or 1-800-748-6150 for invaluable giveaways that leave behind a strong marketing impact.

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