Importance of Promo Direct’s Webstores For Your Business

Organizations that have already used promotional products know how effective they can be to impress customers and employees. We’ve been in the business for more than 30 years and know that organizations need an added touch of personalization when it comes to ordering promotional merchandise online.

And that’s why after consulting with our long-time customers, we launched “Webstores” to provide customers with a level of personalization they’ve never experienced before.

So what is the Webstore concept offered by Promo Direct?

Hop online and you’ll come across plenty of websites selling promotional merchandise.

Through the “Webstore” concept, Promo Direct offers you a chance to launch your very own store that sells promotional merchandise. This store will be used exclusively by your employees to make purchases for your next marketing campaign or as gifts for customers, employees and charity organization.

This store will have your branding credentials, complete with logo and colors to match your brand. The “Webstore” concept is also an exercise in reputation building, helping employees see your brand in a new light – imagine them shopping for merchandise from an online store featuring your branding credentials!

How does the “Webstore” concept work?

After you sign up with Promo Direct to use our Webstores, we will build an exclusive website featuring merchandise with your logo.
Any product you view on this website will already have your logo customized on it. This will make it easier for your marketing team to judge how good your logo will look on the product of their choice. This will save time and ensure that you can place an order in quick time.

Here are some benefits of the Webstore service:

1. Consistency in marketing efforts: An organization with multiple departments or with offices across the USA will find this service very useful. When marketing personnel from different locations or departments order products, they will be able to get promotional merchandise with the same branding consistency – the logo and colors will appear just like they are supposed to be!

2. One-stop-shop for all your promo needs: By having your own store, you don’t have to rely on any other website for your promotional merchandise needs. Your Webstore will have every promo item under the sun – in a wide range of exciting categories!

3. Pricing that’s budget-friendly: It won’t cost much to sign up to get your own Webstore. What’s more, each product in the store is already priced at the lowest prices in the industry!

4. Discounts that add value to each purchase: The discounts that are available in our conventional online store will continue to be offered in your Webstore. You will have access to all of those exciting deals!

5. Delivery to the doorstep of your favorite customers and employees: Our Fulfillment Service ensures that we will ship your orders directly to your customers and employees. This helps save time and resources so that you can focus more on the core tasks of your business.

To learn more about how our Webstores can benefit your business, call us at 800-748-6150 or send an email to We can help script the next marketing success story for your brand!

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