5 Fun Giveaways For St Patrick’s Day (March 17)

The “Patrick” associated with St Patrick’s Day was a 5th-century Irish bishop who led thousands of faithful on the path to Christianity. He is revered throughout Ireland. St Patrick’s Day is observed on 17th March, the day St Patrick died many centuries ago.

Even though St Patrick’s Day is a holiday in Ireland, the parades, parties, and merriment associated with the occasion is an Irish-American tradition. Saint Patrick’s Day’s colorful history in the USA can be dated back to the arrival of Irish soldiers and immigrants in the 18th century. They used the occasion to connect with their homeland.

Today, St Patrick’s Day is celebrated by the entire nation, whether you are Irish or not! Families and friends love the tradition and get together to watch parades or enjoy a pint! A lot of American cities bring in the festivities with colorful parades, including New York, Chicago, Boston, and Los Angeles to name a few.

Americans associate a lot of positivity with St. Patrick’s Day. So, it makes great sense for businesses to launch marketing campaigns focused on it. Featured here are some fun St Patrick’s Day promotional items that should find a place in your list of giveaways to distribute! Count on these products to increase the fun factor associated with the event by a couple of notches while gaining quality brand visibility!

  1. 12 oz. Mood Stadium Cups

Party revelers will love these fun and color-changing cups! Made in the USA, environmentally safe and featuring no toxic effects, these 12 oz. cups can be recycled as well. These cups are available in the following colors: Yellow to Green, Blue to Purple, Pink to Purple, and Frosted to Blue.

  1. Glow Necklaces

This light up necklace is available in exciting colors! It comprises connectors that are attached to create a catchy necklace. Crack and shake the necklace to dismantle it. These glow necklaces are marketing winners during St. Patrick’s Day!

  1. 7″ Mini Vinyl Footballs

This high quality vinyl football is a cute and fun addition to celebrations. Featuring a re-inflatable athletic valve, this football is durable and will last years.

  1. 2″ LED YoYo

Yoyos can still perform a good job of keeping people entertained, whether they are young or old! This yoyo features an LED light and is made of plastic. Available in 3 exciting colors, this product comes with irreplaceable batteries.

  1. Finger Lights

This product can fit any finger size! Available in 4 colors, this product has an LED that matches body color.

Is your business gearing up for St Patrick’s Day? Get in touch with us to learn how the right giveaways will give your marketing campaign a great push! All the best!

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